Results of Perception Analysis of Tech-Savvy Women on Women Health in 2020–21

In this report titled ‘My body, my choices…Because my autonomy matters!’, Dr. Siddhartha Dutta, Practice Head, SG Analytics presented results of a perception analysis of tech-savvy women on women’s health in 2020-21 during the VIth World Congress on Women held on 31st October 2021.

  • Tech-savvy women in the USA are vocal about their choices for healthcare apps, trackers and are health-conscious
  • Though a higher percentage wants these apps and trackers to be free or less than $10 a month, there is a growing population of financially independent women who don’t mind paying X% on a higher subscription
  • Unlike the perception that online pharmacies have taken over in-store pharmacies during COVID-19, the study confirms that both were equally in demand and the brick-and-mortar model is not going anywhere
  • The study also confirms that women are highly price sensitive as their choice of brand for health trackers, medicines, & other fitness choices were largely dependent on discounts and price


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