Corporate Social Responsibility

Connecting with people
in need of growth

We are firm believers in social responsibility. We advocate for positive change in the lives of people we interact with and in the environment around us. In today’s increasingly competitive market environment, it is the duty of those who are privileged, to help empower others. In line with this philosophy, SG Analytics is engaged in the following CSR activities:

Working Towards A Brighter Future For India

Each child matters. Every bit helps. SG Analytics has sponsored full education scholarships for 5 children, each for 14 years, in association with Isha Vidhya, an NGO run by Isha Foundation.

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Support for Rally For Rivers

SG Analytics supports Isha Foundation's Rally For Rivers as a regional partner. We are enthusiastically driving the campaign by raising awareness and ascertaining conservational steps.

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River cleaning initiative

Over 200 SGA’ites gathered on the morning of 19th November 2016 on the banks of the Mula-Mutha river to conduct a clean-up exercise, helping to free the river from accumulated waste. The activity also helped spread awareness on the urgent need to address river pollution in India.

Tree plantation

SG Analytics has an alliance with the Green Hills Group and participates in tree plantation programs each year. The goal is to save Pune’s most prized possessions, i.e. its famous small hills (Tekdis), from losing their greenery and beauty.

Educational funding

SG Analytics funds the education of a number of students as part of an initiative launched by the Vidyarthi Sahhayak Samiti in Shrigonda (Maharashtra). SG Analytics also held a three-day event for children studying at the 'Sanstha', which included activities such as career counseling and cultural events.

Contribution to Clean India Mission

In line with the Indian government’s ‘Clean India’ initiative, SG Analytics and its partner NGO INORA launched a CSR activity to build toilets in rural parts of India. SG Analytics donated a toilet block to the Zilla Parishad Primary School in Gadadhavane village (Maharashtra).