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Highquality pharmaceutical market research and pharma analytics are becoming increasingly vital for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences (PLS) companies to stay competitive. Whether it is pricing products, lowering supply costs, or maximizing sales performance, pharma sector companies rely on SG Analytics’ healthcare research and analytics support to make critical business decisions. 

Pharmaceutical Market Research 

Companies are focusing on healthcare market research today to glean in-depth market insights on consumer needs, compliance and regulatory standards to optimize operations and establish a competitive landscape. As one of the leading healthcare market research companies, SG Analytics’ pharma market research offers data gathering, processing, and analyzing on customers, competitors, and products to improve marketing and advertising strategies, communication, and make factbased decisions for market entry. 

Key questions we answer

  • Products

    Investigate product launch timelines.

  • Markets

    Determine market access strategies including pricing and reimbursements.

  • Messaging

    Key messaging and positioning in target markets.

  • Sales

    Optimize sales force and prioritize sales initiatives.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence services company | SG Analytics
  • Studies to identify new markets or white space across geographic/demographic segments, therapeutic area, target patients, extended use or new patients for existing products, institutional segments, and marketing channels
  • Study and analyze the pharma sector market reach (penetration rate and share) for products or services and pursue the most appropriate strategy
  • Competitive intelligence on market share, product offerings, areas of expertise, nature of the business, and mergers and acquisitions
  • Identify and pre-qualify target organizations with the appropriate technical match and an interest in collaboration
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Market Sizing and Forecasting

Business opportunity assessment research | SG Analytics
  • Market assessment to understand epidemiology, market size, growth, key trends, competition, and patient potential
  • Competitive assessment and pharma analytics on R&D strategy, product pipeline, technology roadmap, and product life-cycle management objectives
  • Prelaunch assessment to understand pricing and regulatory policies, reimbursement scenarios, and market access
  • Patient-based market forecasts and healthcare data analytics for new and existing products to understand market potential, target patients, and market expansion
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Technology Scouting

Intelligent content aggregation services | SG Analytics
  • Pharmaceutical market research to identify solutions for R&D challenges and uncover innovations that can revolutionize current product lines
  • Assist in brand extensions and product development
  • Leverage technology intelligence to gain competitive advantage
  • Take informed business decisions across the innovation process
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Open Innovation

Intelligent data treatments services | SG Analytics
  • Get a macro and micro-level understanding of any technology space
  • Research technical fields and identify global technologies and innovators
  • Analyze the state of the art and identify innovation trends
  • Identify potential opportunities and associated risks of investing in new technology areas
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IP Research

Clinical trial data management services company | SG Analytics
  • Assess the feasibility of the patent via novelty/patentability searches
  • Avoid post-patent risks and costs by investing in freedom to operate/clearance searches before applying for a patent
  • State of the art searches to understand the patents landscape
  • Assess current and future regulatory changes
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Primary Research

  • Acquire market intelligence via specialized primary research
  • Perform qualitative and quantitative research via interviews, community studies, and trend analysis
  • Validate primary intelligence with exhaustive secondary desk research data
  • Analyze market intelligence data via our healthcare data analytics to develop a robust solution and key messaging
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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management services company | SG Analytics
  • Volume-based short term forecasts for drugs to track performance, demand, and supply
  • SKU-level analysis for strategic decisions – line expansion and new formulation launch
  • Inventory management based on long-term forecasts, analyze forecast errors, JIT solutions
  • Manage volumes in line with market demand and changing consumer preferences
  • Predict and manage supply events such as tender acquisition, new manufacturing units, and impact of price variations
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Sales Force Optimization

Sales force optimization services | SG Analytics
  • Understand sales force composition by territory, product segment, and specialty segment
  • Manage internal sales resources by optimizing costs and profits
  • Identify key problem areas and provide robust solutions and recommendations
  • Create tools and dashboards to monitor the sales team
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Track Relevant Industry Data

Industry data tracking services company | SG Analytics
  • Analog library to understand product launch performance with respect to peak share, launch curve, lag time, and time to peak
  • Maintain data sets in specific therapeutic areas including days of therapy, products, and regions
  • Track M&A deals across pharmaceutical companies globally
  • Create dashboards that help track and analyze data including drug volume, sales, revenue, and units
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