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Fixed Income & Credit Research Services

Delivering decisive research on global bond markets for global clients

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Why fixed income & credit research Is important?

As a trusted outsourcing partner for knowledge processes and services, SG Analytics’ Fixed Income and Credit Research services offer bespoke research and analytics solutions in the investment research process to its clients across the globe. Through our unique blend of domain expertise and service-driven culture, we aim to help our clients improve the quality of investment decisions through a robust, fundamental, and thorough research process.

We deliver insights on various fixed income products across various rating categories, industry and thematic reports, and macroeconomic insights. As a pioneer in fixed income research and credit research services, we also offer compliance support and assist in formulating cross-asset investment strategies.

Credit Research Services

What We Offer

Global investment bankers and sell-side firms leverage our comprehensive fixed income research experience in preparing deep-dive credit reports, building cash flow models, reviewing earnings, charting, and presenting support.

  • Fixed income and credit research services that facilitate the cash flow modeling for investment-grade, high-yield, and distressed debt, which include setting up projections, capital structure, covenant, recovery, waterfall, asset valuation, and scenario and sensitivity analysis
  • Rating model, leveraged buyout, and relative bond valuation
  • Credit report/memo with and without trading recommendation
  • HY bond comps, charting, and presentation support
  • Monitoring coverage through earnings review
  • Credit strategy and thematic reports
  • Daily news monitoring and periodicals
  • Issuer-paid research to enhance visibility in the investor and analyst circle
  • Prepare earnings review to monitor coverage, prepare marketing periodicals, and daily/weekly/monthly newsletters

Asset managers take advantage of our expertise in expanding & monitoring portfolios and generating trading ideas, across geographies entailing Chinese and Latin American issuers.

  • Generate trade ideas by developing customized screeners to reflect client’s preferred investment criteria, e.g. valuation, ESG scores, leverage, etc.
  • Provide cash flow modeling for high-yield, investment-grade, and distressed debt instruments
  • Recommend actionable investment ideas through credit notes, which include relative value analysis
  • Consistently monitor events including new issue notes and earnings to actively manage the investment portfolio
  • Support in strategy and monthly CIO newsletter with morning credit briefing
  • In-depth analysis and structured reports for CLO, CDO, ABS, and synthetics

We are experts in evaluating private creditworthiness, supporting due diligence, and providing technical inputs to facilitate better investment decisions across fixed income products such as direct lending, structured debt instruments, privately placed bonds, and distressed debts.

  • Screening of target for PE-backed, middle-market, and owner-operated firms
  • Financial spreading of unstructured data into structured form with adjustments to determine key credit ratios, variance analysis, capital structure, covenant testing, etc.
  • Monitoring performance of operations of the portfolio companies and prepare performance dashboards along with attribution analysis
  • Producing credit memo/due diligence report having extensive content on financial and business profile, industry performance, risk factors, and mitigants
  • Compensation analysis and profiling of the management
  • Industry sizing and research reports for start-ups and companies in niche markets such as biotech, fintech, etc.

We assess credit risk by preparing credit memos and constructing financial models for 2,000+ counterparties on specific templates mandated by the bank.

  • Origination and underwriting support
  • Financial spreading, collateral assessment, and writing credit memo and surveillance notes
  • Determining qualitative rating criteria for leveraged and asset-based loans
  • Counter party credit reviews/assessments of municipals, banks, brokers/dealers, and corporates
  • Covenant monitoring and testing, and repayment ability analysis

Our qualitative and quantitative macroeconomic research offerings facilitate cross-asset allocation strategy and are consumed by wealth managers, investment bankers, brokerages, banks, and others. 

  • Preparing daily macro and credit markets outlook
  • Drafting monthly/quarterly/semi-annual/annual economic periodicals, including the outlook on equities, fixed income, FX, and commodities
  • Sovereign analysis, rates analysis, thematic reports, and geopolitical insights
  • Econometric modeling with stress testing and scenario analysis


3,000+ Credits Covered

Over 3,000 credits covered across rating categories and sectors across the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia expertise in Chinese and other Asian credits

Highly Qualified

Strong team of well-qualified and experienced analysts with qualifications such as MBA, CFA, and CA, along with economists and quantitative experts

Able and Flexible

Ability and flexibility to handle niche projects as well as large-scale engagements for buy-side as well as sell-side clients

Comprehensive Expertise

Proven capability to blend high-quality research and insights with automation and technology to provide competitive and efficient research solutions

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Delivering fixed income and credit research services across rating and credit categories as well as thematic and macroeconomic needs.