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Market Intelligence Services

Keep a pulse on your industry, customers, competition, and marketplace

SG Analytics is an expert at collecting, processing, and analyzing market intelligence. Our market intelligence services identify growth opportunities, profitable markets, and build a competitive strategy based on a deep understanding of your customers and the marketplace. One of the leading market intelligence firms SG Analytics partners with clients across multiple sectors, helping them with competitive market intelligence analysis. 

Industries We Serve

Opportunity Assessment

Business opportunity assessment research | SG Analytics
  • Evaluate and prioritize opportunities based on profitability, feasibility, investment, implementation time, risks, RoI, breakeven point, and time to profit.
  • Estimate market size and industry spend based on category data subdivided by business unit, geography, and demography.
  • Identify market vulnerability and potential response to a new product or service launch.
  • Market intelligence solutions to assess various pricing strategies to derive an optimum price for your products or services
  • With our market intelligence services, assess opportunities using frameworks including SWOT, PESTEL, and BCG Matrix.
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Competitive Market Intelligence

Competitive intelligence research and analytics company | SG Analytics
  • Get an in-depth look at your competitors with robust reports on their market positioning, customer base, strategic objectives, and management profiles
  • One of the leading market intelligence firms, SGA helps you gain an understanding of competitor history, financial profile, relevant press releases, and significant forecasts
  • Identify the strengths, weaknesses, and key differentiators of your competitors with our competitive intelligence services
  • Anticipate competitor activity, see past disruptions, and interpret events with market intelligence report
  • Detailed competitive market intelligence on competitor R&D strategy, product pipeline, technology roadmap, and PLC management objectives
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Benchmarking Studies

Market intelligence services company | SG Analytics
  • Evaluate business performance against your direct and best-in-class competitors
  • Understand relative cost position, improve performance, and gain a competitive advantage by assessing yourself against key players in the market
  • Our market intelligence research and analysis services help identify and prioritize opportunities based on the expected RoI
  • Balanced scorecards that consider external factors including competition and the industry at large
  • Cross-category benchmarking to benefit from best practices across multiple industries
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Consumer Insights

Business benchmarking study insights | SG Analytics
  • Build a deeper understanding of factors that influence customers' decisions and patterns
  • Assess customer satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy pain points, and expectations
  • Consumer insights to improve value proposition, overcome barriers to adoption, and innovate faster
  • Build buyer personas across various customer segments and identify touchpoints to plan your marketing
  • Identify customer segments to personalize your marketing and branding activities
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