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SGA's staff of seasoned investment analysts provides individualized support during every transaction stage. Making pitches, closing deals, and promoting a firm are all part of this. Through our work with investment banks in both local and cross-border deals in both established and emerging economies, we have gained experience across disciplines, functions, and a broad range of sectors.

In addition, we provide our clients with a full range of skills through our BIS/library services, publishing & graphics, investment banking reporting & analytics, and automation & technological assistance.

Investment banking consulting service organizations can benefit from SGA's comprehensive pitch services since they cover all aspects of the deal origination process. Target/buyer identification, trading comparables, antecedent transactions, industry/macroeconomic research, competitive landscapes, firm profiles, market mapping process, research on sectors, financial simulation and valuation, storyboarding, layout, and pitch development are all part of the service.

Use our real-time deal execution solution to free up resources for additional client-facing work. Investment banking services like CIMs, teasers, databooks, IOIs summaries, management demonstrations, financial projections, estimation, company/financial/commercial examinations, equality opinions, administration call involvement, draft term sheets, CRM and procedure logs, data room administration, and initial buyer/target advertising are all part of a live deal execution service.

Improve your brand's positioning and exposure in key areas with our help in business development and marketing. Branding, brand artifacts, design standards, end-market mapping and analysis, critical possibility identification and targeting, contact verification, email outreach, customer relationship management (CRM) setup and maintenance, procedure logs, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) report, thematic studies, sector reports, initial public offering (IPO) reports, market intelligence accounts, blogs, and publications are all part of the business development service.

SGA is a renowned provider of investment banking advisory services, offering assistance at every stage of the merger and acquisition (M&A) deal lifecycle.

  • Target/buyer screening, trade comparables, antecedent transactions, firm profiles, market/sector mapping, research, economic simulation, and valuation are all parts of the origination assistance package.
  • Pitch decks, CIMs, teasers, competitive maps, and case studies are all part of the marketing arsenal.
  • Financial and industrial due diligence, impartiality opinions, term sheet drafting, customer relationship management, and data room administration are all part of the due diligence support services.
  • Writing blogs, periodicals, and M&A reports are all part of business development activities such as researching topics, gathering market information notes, and generating thought leadership content.

Private placements, IPOs, and FPOs are all part of SGA's comprehensive ECM services provided through investment banking solutions.​

  • Some examples of qualitative work include creating an ECM overview/newsletter, an economic calendar, an investor analysis/profile, a presentation soliciting investor opinion, and an overview report of the IPO market after each quarter and year.
  • Quantitative duties range from tracking block trades and IPO comparisons to analyzing primary and secondary markets.
  • Analysis of dividends vs buybacks, cross-holdings, capital structures, and initial public offerings (IPO) valuations are all examples of jobs with a high return on investment.
  • Investment banking outsourcing services often include market intelligence assistance, which entails keeping tabs on new transactions, market and sector deal trends, daily/weekly trade reports, and a database of completed and upcoming initial public offerings.

Complete DCM services cover everything from assisting with execution to providing market knowledge to creating pitch decks for various funding mechanisms.

  • In terms of numbers, we can help with things like credit positioning, analyzing new bond issuances, analyzing and monitoring covenants, and analyzing credit, leverage, and liquidity ratios.
  • Stress testing, cash flow modeling (for ABS, RMBS, and CMBS), debt structuring, and capacity analysis are all part of the complex valuation and modeling expertise we offer.
  • Credit memoranda, rating analyses, peer analysis, prospectus/OC writing assistance, financial disclosures, indenture screenings, and overviews, yearly credit reports, quarterly watch lists, and transaction summaries are all examples of the qualitative support we provide.
    • In addition to assisting with investment banking outsourcing, market intelligence services include:
    • The upkeep of deal and comp databases.
    • The analysis of new legislation and their impact.
    • The distribution of monthly newsletters.

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