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The M&E sector has become synonymous with data and analytics, with customization and changing audience preferences being the new order. Media & Entertainment (M&E) firms need to offer compelling solutions and content in an easy-to-access platform. Our research and analytics services ensure that M&E firms are in sync with the changing sector landscape and viewer preferences. SG Analytics helps its M&E customers to solve business problems by harnessing disruptive data, artificial intelligence, machine learning & cutting-edge technologies.  

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How do We Drive Results for Our Clients?

Our services span the media value chain from broadcasting, production, marketing, ad-sales, contract negotiations, digital platforms, etc. with the muscle that we have built around analytics to enable them to make informed business decisions. We deliver solutions that:

Help understand and engage your audience better (Audience analytics/behavior analytics, digital campaigns, engagement)

Identify new streams of monetization (video recommendations, digital/web platform analytics, subscription analytics)

Improve your viewership rating (subscriber retention, ad-sales, content analytics)

Increase your revenue (Ad-sales, promotions)

Optimize your marketing spends (marketing/ promotion effectiveness)

Data Sets Exposure
  • Nielsen AMRLD/MMRLD
  • Advertising data
  • Comscore
  • Ad-sales data
  • Freewheel data
  • As-run broadcasting data
  • Social media data
  • Digital platforms data
Teams Supported
  • Consumer insights
  • Advanced analytics
  • Broadcasting
  • Ad-sales
  • Social media
  • Management sciences
  • Data engineering
  • Consumer research

Services We Provide


Market intelligence

We deploy quantitative and qualitative techniques to gather intelligence across audiences, customers, competition, and marketplace

Business strategy

Our sector experts develop customized framework, that help businesses make data-driven decisions for long-term growth strategies


Analytical roadmaps

Our data scientists and AI/ML specialists construct an organization-wide data and analytics roadmap

Execution capabilities

Across marketing analytics, consumer analytics, digital & web analytics, social media analytics, big data engineering, and visualization services


Cognitive and logic-based automation

Across data & research-related workflows

Build custom applications

Quality assurance management

We deliver research & analytics capabilities for leading brands to keep on top of emerging trends

Help understand audience better

  • Audience profiling & segmentation
  • Program choice modeling
  • Linear TV viewership analysis
  • Proliferation of content/channel
  • Network & program CSAT, U&A, perception
  • Audience viewing trends (time & attention, content & devices, etc.)

Identify new streams of monetization

  • Digital/web platform analytics
  • Opportunity sizing for OTT content
  • Recommendation engines for VoD content
  • App subscription-pricing analytics
  • Emerging trends tracking

Increase revenue

  • Ad-sales forecasting
  • VOD subscription forecasting
  • Cannibalization impact of OTT on Linear TV
  • Advertising customization on OTT devices
  • Need-gap analysis & whitespace assessment

Help engage the audience better

  • Social media listening
  • Auto-classification of customer responses
  • Digital audience journey mapping
  • Emotion & intent mining

Improve viewership rating

  • Ratings forecast
  • Program spot vs. segment analysis
  • Promo conversion measurement
  • Audience churn/survival analytics
  • Cross-network/program benchmarking

Optimize marketing spend

  • Ad campaign effectiveness
  • Campaign monitoring
  • Digital marketing ROI optimization
  • A/B testing of innovative campaigns

Our context-drive approach and sector expertise enhance analytics consumption and deliver higher-quality insights

Our approach to M&E engagements

  • Connect the business problem to solution framework
  • Determine the required internal and external data sources
  • Construct KPIs, constraints, assumptions for the solution
  • Automate data integration across sources via ETL pipeline automation
  • Conduct feature engineering using ML algorithms
  • Capture market data via ad-hoc surveys & interviews
  • Deploy API-based web-scraping for social media data
  • Leverage ML techniques for auto-conversion of unstructured to structured data
  • Deploy business/marketing tools and predictive models
  • Review underlying trends in data to confirm/reject hypothesis
  • Create self-service visualization tools
  • Aggregate key findings to determine market trends
  • AI-driven auto-insight generation
  • Draft comprehensive reports punctuated with storytelling format for easy consumption

Research techniques
  • Computer aided telephonic interviews
  • Online surveys
  • Focus group discussion
  • Online communities
  • API-based social media web scraping
Analytics tools
  • Python
  • PySpark
  • R
  • AWS services
  • Databricks
  • Kochava
  • Google/Adobe Analytics

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