Research & Analytics Services for BFSI

Insightful, relevant research combined with sophisticated technology solutions to help drive value-accretive decisions and run efficient processes

Our expertise in the BFSI sector comes from it being one of the cornerstones of SG Analytics since inception. Over the last 13 years, SG Analytics has transformed from being a data aggregator to a strategic knowledge partner for various participants across the sector to aid decision making through relevant and reliable research and analytics solutions. Partnering with various teams such as business strategy to investment research teams and deal makers to loan servicing teams, SG Analytics’ significant understanding of the various dynamics of highly distinct value-chains for participants in this sector has enabled our clients become better businesses.

SGA Edge

Deep domain knowledge & understanding of the financial industry participants

Highly evolved data aggregation skills and processes

In house capabilities in both primary & secondary research

Leverage tools and technologies that drive automation & enhance ROI

Clients We Serve

Commercial Banks

We partner with: Full-service banks, regional banks, cantonal banks, NBFCs, business and product strategy teams


  • Public/private company profiling, financial spreading
  • Management profiling and compensation analysis
  • Counterparty credit risk, repayment ability and covenant Compliance analysis
  • Credit rating score models - creation and maintenance
  • Compliance and governance support
  • Competitive benchmarking and other bespoke research support to strategy teams
  • Feasibility analysis of prospective business opportunities and new product/service launches
  • Total addressable market size estimation and new market identification
  • Regulation analysis and monitoring for banking sectors across markets
  • Competitive benchmarking analysis for businesses and products through balanced scorecards and cross-category benchmarking
  • Measurement of technology readiness of banks and identify barriers to digital growth
  • Assessment of customer experience, tracking satisfaction levels, loyalty and behaviour patterns
  • Multilingual support across 16 languages including Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, etc.


  • Customer analytics services for product creation and improving the customer experience (Retention, Cross sell/Up Sell)
  • Intelligent automation of specific operations e.g. matching corporate clients to invoices in the accounts receivable software
  • Efficient monitoring of regulatory compliance and reporting
  • Conceptualize and implement operational performance reporting and monitoring systems
  • Data driven client prospecting and marketing for measuring and improving sales and marketing initiatives
  • Identify and develop applications for RPA across functions driving efficiency and cost gains, improved quality, precision and CX, error and risk reduction, etc.
  • Workflow management tools

Data Platforms and Providers

We partner with: Financial information providers, sector intelligence platforms, ESG and sustainability data providers


  • Data aggregation services including data/document sourcing, manual/auto-data ingestion, validation and insights generation
  • Data quality management services covering issue management, data cleansing and data remediation
  • Client onboarding and platform reconciliation (data mapping and data integration)
  • Data operating model design, creation of framework for data management and other consulting services
  • Support creation of various analytical and custom reports
  • Identification and implementation of automation opportunities to increase efficiency


  • Build multi-pipeline architecture to onboard new data sources
  • Rapidly update existing algorithms without disrupting in-use data sets
  • Accelerate secondary data capture processes using artificial intelligence, natural language processing and big data engineering

Asset managers and hedge funds

We partner with: Institutional asset managers, hedge funds, single/multi-family offices, independent money managers, fund houses


  • Idea screening and generation across sectors and markets
  • Investment opportunity identification using trend analysis and diligent monitoring
  • Deep-dive financial modeling
  • Company/sector notes for investment committee presentations
  • Fund factsheets, fund benchmarking
  • Compliance support and performance analysis


  • Social media monitoring and analysis by leveraging NLP and ML to identify top-down trends, perform e-channel checks, etc.
  • Automated monitoring of companies, regions and sectors to identify key developments
  • Investment performance monitoring and dashboarding tools
  • Building, deployment and maintenance of ML models to support/reject analyst hypothesis and forecast quarterly performance
  • Gather relevant data and intelligence from news articles, company/sector reports and call transcripts using AI models

Wealth Managers and Private Banks

We partner with: Advisory teams, discretionary teams, investment strategy teams, independent wealth managers


  • Building and maintaining large coverage universes across industries, sovereigns and rating categories
  • Investment idea generation and validation following client's investment philosophy
  • Specialised research inputs on ESG (sustainability research) to mirror in-house mandates
  • Multilingual research output such as company notes, fund factsheets, strategy notes, etc.
  • Hybrid, scalable engagement models with quick coverage ramp-up / ramp-down


  • Automation solutions for efficient process and error-free output
  • Technology-driven, highly secure mechanism for hassle-free and safe research delivery
  • CRO / RM performance tracking and monitoring, investment performance dashboarding
  • Refine investment idea generation using sophisticated predictive analytics
  • Harvest and analyze data to generate fresh insights into prospect profiles, client acquisition, client retention and sales
  • Personalise investment communication to ensure dissemination of relevant and interesting content that reflects end-user preferences

Investment Banks and Brokerage Houses

We partner with: Investment banks, ECM/DCM teams, independent brokers, institutional sell-side houses, independent research providers


  • End-to-end support in deal cycle from origination to execution
  • Deal collateral preparation such as target profiles, pitch books, investment memorandums, financial models
  • Dataroom and CRM management, due diligence support, prepare draft termsheets
  • Deal activity tracking across sectors and regions through newsletters and activity monitor reports
  • Dedicated fundamental research support to brokerage teams across asset classes
  • Creation of initiation reports, quarterly earnings notes, sector compendiums, newsletters, marketing presentations etc.
  • IPO analysis and support, new issuance research and analysis
  • Technical analysis support and idea generation for trading desks


  • Automated news filtering and content population for earnings
  • Automated model creation and update with auto roll-over
  • Social media monitoring for competition tracking
  • Automated information collection to aggregate data and filter relevant information using text classification algorithms
  • Refine trading strategies by aggregating and curating data from disparate sources and generate meaningful signals for sentiment analysis
  • Build a 360-degree customer view through a data-driven client management lifecycle
  • Deploy analytics for customer segmentation and analyst activity to predict client behavior

PE/VC Participants

We support: Large, boutique and sector-focused private equity firms, venture capitalists, angel investors, private companies and start-ups


  • Support teams across deal sourcing, target evaluation, investment review, value enhancement and investment exit
  • Rigorous industry/company screening process to identify investment targets
  • Analyzing investment targets across various sectors by studying industry drivers, preparing financial forecasting and due diligence
  • Valuation and analysis support through financial forecasting and IRC409A valuation
  • Managing data rooms, and preparing relevant marketing collaterals
  • Portfolio monitoring through performance benchmarking, industry tracking, performance dashboards, valuation mark-up analysis, etc.
  • Optimising exit strategy using valuation analysis, potential buyer screening


  • Assimilate data from portfolio companies in a centralised hub and generate cross-portfolio insights
  • Provide technology and analytics support for trade selection or “origination”
  • Build analytics systems to generate differentiated insights, endorse/challenge investment arguments and refine investment allocation decisions
  • Deploy machine learning and AI models for due diligence, data sourcing, support start-ups for raising capital, explore markets, uncover trends, create market maps, and gather market intelligence

Rating houses and stock exchanges

We partner with: independent credit rating houses, ESG rating houses, global exchanges across asset classes such as equity, bonds, commodities, etc.


  • Multi-domain support across asset classes, risks, regulation, rates, macroeconomics due to cross-functional expertise
  • Research products such as newsletters, event summaries, market updates, etc.
  • Building and maintaining rating models using client's proprietary methodology
  • Multilingual support across 16 languages including Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, etc.


  • Structuring and management of data on pricing, volumes, index constituents and rebasing, etc.
  • Dedicated technology teams to help clients realize value through automation, including data factualization, extraction, analytics, visualization, etc.

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