Case study

Solutions Tailored to Client Specifications: SG Analytics Explore Investible Targets Opportunities in Commercial FLS Systems

Solutions Tailored to Client Specifications


A renowned US-based private equity firm engaged SGA to explore investible targets in the commercial FLS systems manufacturing and servicing space for a controlling stake acquisition.


  • Gained comprehensive insights into the current state of the commercial FLS systems manufacturing and servicing market, including key players, market dynamics, and growth prospects
  • Conducted an exhaustive search and screening for relevant target companies using multiple data sources (S&P CapitalIQ, UDU, SourceScrub, Factset, Refinitiv, MergerMarket, and Pitchbook), industry reports, and industry associations
  • Shortlisted a more focused list of companies across various parameters, including business overview, products/services, ownership, employee count, and financial metrics such as revenue and EBITDA
  • Post-selection of appropriate targets based on suggested size and other criteria, we provided select information on business, rationale, and contact details of key stakeholders
  • Conducted thorough due diligence on shortlisted targets to assess their financial health, operational efficiency, technological capabilities, and growth potential
  • Evaluated potential risks and challenges associated with the target companies and the overall market, providing the client with a risk mitigation strategy


SGA engaged a three-analyst team to provide support by developing a complete database of target companies along with business, rationale, and contact details.


  • The PE firm successfully acquired a controlling stake in a leading FLS systems manufacturer
  • Exceptional quality with a swift turnaround time
  • Continuous engagement with the client for daily updates
  • Screenings to pinpoint the most suitable targets
  • Stringent cross-verification of targets, guaranteeing precise valuations tailored to client specifications


  • 40% higher probability of identifying actionable targets
  • Integration of AI tools to enhance the efficiency of target identification
  • Optimized workflow processes to minimize bottlenecks and maximize overall productivity
  • Strategic resource allocation to ensure optimal utilization and effectiveness

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