Investment Research Services

Leverage custom research support across a broad range of asset classes to enhance your investment decisions.

SG Analytics produces high-quality, in-depth, and tailored investment research to help clients successfully navigate financial markets, enhance their portfolios and make strategic decisions. One of the leading global investment research companies, SG Analytics has a dedicated team of financial research analysts who generate unique company, industry and economic insights that consistently help clients achieve their goals.

SGA Edge

Who We Work With

  • Investment Banks

    Optimize cost of research spend and monetize research.

  • Asset & Private Wealth Managers

    Generate alpha and enhance efficiency of advisory teams.

  • Data Providers

    High-quality primary and secondary data.

  • PE & VC Firms

    Research-led, efficient seed capital deployment.

Securities Research

  • Identify new investment ideas by leveraging SGA’s investment research experience across 4,000+ companies within the developed, emerging and frontier markets
  • Tap into SGA’s team of GICS sector and multi-asset class experts to screen investment opportunities and generate alpha
  • Reduce the time to market by leveraging SGA’s automated data extraction capabilities across third party providers and unstructured sources
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Corporate Finance and Valuation

  • Teams with multi-sector and product expertise across M&A, ECM and DCM, who engage in high-quality discussions with bankers
  • Generate ideas across the transaction life cycle including origination, marketing, and execution
  • Work with SGA's financial research analysts who have the psychological skills to deliver in high-pressure situations, work flexible hours, and possess contextual understanding across IB projects
  • Leverage technology to substantially reduce the time to create pitchbooks, company profiles, trading comps and precedent transactions
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ESG Research

  • Benefit from our expert-level understanding of 500+ ESG KPI’s and years of experience across multiple sectors to screen investments that match your ESG criteria
  • Uncover ESG information not available in the public domain via field research, interviews with stakeholders across the value chain, and customized surveys
  • Thematic research and controversy analysis to spot ESG trends and controversies that impact your portfolio, including assessment of the financial implication on your investments
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your supply chain and identify ESG-specific risks that could impact your reputation in the marketplace
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Risk and Compliance

  • Deploy SGA’s compliance officers with real-life experience at asset management and investment banking firms to enhance the compliance monitoring process
  • Build on our deep understanding of investment processes to diagnose and resolve compliance incidents across e-communication, personal trading, post trade monitoring and guideline monitoring
  • We are one of the leading global investment research companies. Leverage the capabilities of our teams skilled in KYC and anti-money laundering rules to ensure timely compliance with regulatory requirements, ongoing monitoring and filing support
  • Benefit from SGA’s middle office and back office investment research analytics to address market, operational and credit risks
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Commercial Lending Services

  • Make informed and accelerated lending decisions by leveraging our capabilities across the origination and underwriting process
  • Partner with us to build scalable and flexible lending engagements that cut across key sectors including equipment lending, commercial real estate lending, and commercial and industrial lending
  • Strengthen your loan monitoring process, conduct custom asset quality reviews, and deploy our visualization experts to create dashboards that reflect the health of the portfolio
  • Build an ecosystem that is powered by our capabilities in data management, information services, compliance and risk management, to enhance the impact of the lending function within the organization
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Operations Support

  • Fund marketing services including automated factsheets, consultant database updates and DDQ services that offer enhanced client servicing and active engagement with fund consultants
  • Time-bound response by SGA’s RFP experts across low, medium and high complexity RFP’s that reduce the time to market and enhance your win ratio
  • Build on SGA’s substantive editing and desk top presentation services to create incisive financial research notes, whitepapers, and pitchbooks, that are in sync with your style guide and branding guidelines
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