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Analytics solutions for all functions of EdTech with deep domain expertise and experience in agile and dynamic companies.

We offer analytics solutions for EdTech companies across the digital lifecycle. We enable the Sales and Marketing team to improve reach and increase student enrollment, the Finance team to track financial performance, and the Operations team to optimize mentor utilization and increase student course completion.

How Do We Help Our Clients?

We help our EdTech clients in the following areas:
  • Sales and Marketing Analytics
  • Student and Mentor Analytics
  • Financial Analytics & Reporting
  • Operations Analytics

Client Testimonials

What Makes Us Different?

Our solutions have created an impact on the clients due to our campaign effectiveness, improved targeting, enhanced ROI, increased cost saving, proactive cash flow management, and more. We have been able to achieve these with the help of:

EdTech Domain Expertise
Understanding of end-to-end EdTech business and data eco-system.
Analytics Expertise
Proven experience in processing varied sources of data and enabling both prescriptive/predictive analytics.
Agile, Responsive, and Adaptable team
Experience working with both large global companies as well as start-ups/small size companies.

We are focused on giving powerful yet simplified solutions that help in creating a direct impact for businesses.

Our Edtech Offerings

We support EdTech firms across platforms and channels, with advanced analytics & insights, data engineering and research


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We partner with EdTech firms on their analytics journey and enable them to transform into data-driven organizations.