Case study

How We Helped a Leading Edtech Firm Acquire Customers Through Targeted Marketing Initiatives and Take Better Decisions

SG Analytics DA EdTech Case Study


The client was looking to acquire targeted customers and have an automated process to analyze leads at a granular level. The client also needed help with a process that enabled them to understand the probability of students enrolling for their upcoming sessions and courses.


  • We aggregated data from various sources, such as websites, social media platforms, CRM systems, and student databases & student enrollment databases.
  • We pre-processed the data by cleaning, transforming, and normalizing it to ensure consistency and accuracy.
  • We determined the features and key KPIs that are likely to have an impact on customer acquisition and the student journey, including demographics, online behavior, academic background, engagement with marketing materials, and more.
  • We also utilized ML models to automate lead scoring, allowing our client to prioritize and allocate resources effectively.
  • We leveraged the predictive models to personalize marketing campaigns. We used the insights gained from the models to target specific segments of prospective students/customers with tailored messaging, offers, and content.


We enabled our client to run targeted campaigns for students to enroll for their courses and sessions, helping them obtain a better lead conversion rate and take student-centric decisions.


  • Our solution helped the client receive an increment of approx. 27% in their lead conversion rate leading to a significant increase in their revenue.
  • The students’ journeys and their behaviors were well understood, which enabled our clients to take better student-centric decisions.


Our predictive modeling and recommendation engines helped our client to identify at-risk students who may require additional support or intervention to improve their chances of enrollment.

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