Case study

Streaming Showdown: SG Analytics Analyzes App Performance and User Engagement Across Diverse Social Media Platforms

SG Analytics Case Study Comparing Streaming Apps Performance across Social Media


The client’s key objective was to analyze top-performing content based on social media engagement, find out respective strategies from the last week, compare recent releases and key approaches, and assess fan buzz generated by news and award announcements among different apps.


  • Compared the engagement of top-performing apps within the last seven days against their previous releases.
  • In-depth examination of the most successful strategy employed by each top-performing app or unique platform strategy – for occasions like Father's Day or Halloween – which assessed audience-focused theme-based approaches and made comparisons.
  • Analysis of Talent, Show Page, Influencer, and Publisher promotional strategies to gauge their influence on social media engagements for shows.
  • Conducted a comparative analysis by examining the v3, v7, and v30 views of a show's trailer/teaser release in relation to other trailer/teaser releases.
  • Analyzed app reviews in comparison to other applications and assessed the performance of a specific app through user ratings and feedback.


We set up a weekly cross-platform analysis report for our client, showcasing Content Analysis (Strategies), App Performance, Fan Mentions Analysis, Platform Follower Growth, Talent Promotion Analysis, and assessing fan buzz generated by awards announcements.


The weekly analysis report enabled the client to take necessary decisions to improve content promotions on social platforms and recommend strategies that align with the app's branding and target audience.


  • This deep analysis yields actionable insights for refining strategies, helps optimize content creation, generates targeted marketing, enhances viewer engagement, and fosters competitive advantage.
  • By leveraging data-driven decisions, the client can drive sustained growth, adapt to trends, and enhance customer satisfaction ultimately amplifying brand reputation and achieving business objectives.
  • Recommendations and insights helped the content and promotions team take measures to improve the audience experience, enabling higher user retention.

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