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How We Helped in Enhancing Social Media Content Performance and Provided Insights on Improving the Promotional Strategy

SG Analytics Data Analytics Case Study Social Media Content Strategy


Our client’s key objective was to get a comprehensive analysis of competitors' strategies and content performance. The client wanted to Improve user engagement, enhance their digital presence, optimize promotions, and be  ahead of the competition 


  • We used the ‘SMART tool’, which offers a thorough monitoring of social media performance on all OTT platforms
  • In the properties section of the tool, we included channels such as Streaming, Paramount+, and Awesomeness, allowing users to view weekly engagement, identify key drivers, and compare two different properties
  • Additionally, we enhanced the tool’s Performance Trend feature under Digital Studios, which enables users to identify trends across different platforms and time periods
  • Finally, we updated the Page and Content feature to provide information about the accounts that are contributing to the overall brand performance



We used SMART to monitor how audiences’ interest in shows changes from week to week across various platforms. We explored the best-performing posts using their performance index and compared different shows across different OTT platforms. Our tool’s Performance Drivers allowed us to find which account contributed most to the overall brand performance


  • The insights informed the client's decisions to improve content promotions and understand content reception, including negative sentiments
  • The WoW trend comparison analyzed client and competitor performance, identifying effective and ineffective strategies
  • Identifying key engagement drivers helped understand audience’s resonance with content
  • Analyzing top accounts, talent, and influencers improved target audience reach and resource allocation
  • Tracking performance drivers identified key accounts and social pages contributing to the overall brand performance
  • Goal analysis allowed experimentation with new tactics while maintaining goal achievement


  • Our analyses allowed the client to make informed decisions, resulting in improved content promotions, leading to better outcomes and staying ahead of the competition
  • The identified key engagement drivers helped the client understand the audience's preferences, creating better content and maintaining profitability
  • It allowed for effective resource allocation, resulting in better results and reaching the target audience more effectively.

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