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Why Leverage Our Big Data Engineering Consulting Services? 

In this data-driven world, all modern technology platforms reinforce data-driven transformation. SG Analytics’ big data engineering services enable your data strategy – ensuring access to the right data, at the right time, in the right format, in order to help your advanced analytics thrive. 

Why SGA ?

Industries We Serve

Automation of Data Processes

  • Converting business process to logical steps for code development
  • Developing parameterized codes for each individual step to help integrating in the pipeline
  • As a part of our data engineering solutions, we use process management tools (Airflow/Terraform) to trigger them in sequence and keeping QC steps based on the requirement

Serverless Data processes

  • Data engineering consulting that guides the client in selecting the services and cloud platforms based on requirement
  • Developing functions (AWS-Lambda, Azure -Functions, GCP-Functions) for each step inside the cloud services
  • Integrating each step by creating logical event based triggers
  • Time/Mail/Event based trigger logic development to start the whole process based on client requirement

Dockerizing Data processes

  • Identifying the environment required to run the application
  • Developing the docker environment by installing all the required packages and applications
  • Creating the codes to run the required steps of the processes
  • User can deploy the container wherever required by creating the image on the required system


  • Robust data engineering solutions help develop pipelines to extract data from multiple sources to a single system
  • Logical flow process to integrate the different data sources by developing primary and foreign keys
  • Creating single source table/ views to provide cleaned and data analytics ready data

API Application

  • Parameterized codes to take user inputs and do the necessary steps
  • Developing the server to run the codes and provide endpoints for user usage
  • Permissions and authorization for each endpoints is developed for data security

NLP and Text Analytics

  • Creating Mastered data sets through pipeline driven ML engines and custom built Data Stewardship interfaces
  • Building pipelines in conjunction with AWS services like Comprehend and Textract to create automated summaries on legal and business documents as a part of our big data engineering services
  • Automated document tagging for Knowledge Management documents using NLTK based workflows

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