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Data Engineering Services

Our data engineering services assist in mining large enterprise data and processing it efficiently to derive actionable insights for better decision-making.

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Using our expert data engineering services, we assist our clients in designing data pipelines and integrating solutions across multiple sources.

Data is considered the new oil for organizations, irrespective of size. Data needs to be stored, cleaned, and analyzed to generate significant business value. We provide a holistic approach to ingesting and processing data that takes into account all the technical drivers essential to fully capitalize on the enterprise data resources. We have utilities to accelerate all these processes – from exploratory data analysis to other business processes, where the development cycle comes down to easy and time-efficient accelerators.

data engineering solutions

What We Offer

  • We build scalable and economic data ingestion pipelines that stream data from various sources at desired intervals into a pre-existing data warehouse or data lake. 
  • Our data engineering solutions are a combination of both open source and the latest technologies like AWS and AZURE, as per requirements.
  • We manage unstructured data and use NLP algorithms to clean data.
  • We deploy and automate data pipelines using tools such as Python, Spark, Data Bricks, Snowflake, and AWS Glue.
  • Our team, over the years, has helped customers create a data warehouse and data lake using cloud technologies like AWS Suite, Microsoft Azure, Pentaho, Kettle, Informatica, DataStage, and Apache.
  • We enrich data utilizing customer behavioral patterns, their geographic and environmental parameters, along with the factors specific to the problem statements.
  • We enrich data at campaigns, brands, and geography levels across 5–6mn weekly data-points.
  • We leverage various tools, such as snowflake, to have access to data from several source locations.
  • Our automated data extraction and processing solutions have enabled faster time-to-market with better data accuracy.


Data Expertise Across Domains

The SGA team has technical expertise across industries like BFSI, Media, Entertainment, Pharma, and E-commerce to aggregate, process, and analyze data.

Automated Data Extraction Processes

Our automated data extraction and cleansing processes enable us to eliminate errors in the process.

Timely and Informed Decision-making Process

We offer time-efficient and accurate data aggregation and analysis for process effectiveness.

Who We Work With


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We bring you a team of experienced data analytics experts with best-in-class expertise in data management, engineering, and visualization.

Our full stack data engineering services and solutions provide organized, standard data flow powering data-driven models and decisions for your business.