The Rising Need for ESG Disclosure and Transparency

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Investors acknowledge that public or private businesses cannot be evaluated only based on financial performance. The challenge is that despite the efforts to increase ESG disclosures, there needs to be more ESG reporting standards and uniformity among rating agencies and a range of data, control, and metric maturity levels.

Key Takeaways

  • Investors find it challenging to establish meaningful comparisons due to the current patchwork of primarily voluntary ESG disclosure regulations. 
  • More effective obligatory regulations are being proposed by the U.S., the EU, Spain, Italy, Canada, Malaysia, and Japan, and efforts are being made to establish a worldwide set of standard ESG reporting regulations.  
  • With ESG disclosures still in their early stages, companies need to understand the long-term benefits they offer. They should collaborate with ESG professionals to promote ESG transparency.

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