Understanding the Circular Economy – A Key ESG Imperative

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The circular economy has steadily expanded from its initial focus on avoiding waste creation into a broader-based strategy to improve resource utilization to lower energy and resource costs. The key benefits of a circular economy are the potential for higher trade and economic diversification and chances for resource savings, social well-being, human health, and environmental impacts. 

This Whitepaper explains why it will be more crucial than ever for policies to be formulated and executed with a circular economy in mind in a globally interconnected world and amid growing business interest in expanding the economy.  

Key Takeaways:

  • A circular economy aims to make sustainability lucrative and profitability sustainable throughout industries, sectors, and lifestyles, not merely by redressing environmental wrongs. 
  • It has been demonstrated that implementing circular economy concepts may promote biodiversity, minimize water pollution, and improve air quality in addition to the climate emergency.
  • The circular economy is a crucial element of the sustainability agenda and has the potential to contribute to multiple different Sustainable Development Goals. (SDGs). The circular economy's foundation is the SDG Responsible consumption and production.  
  • A circular economy encourages the use of biodegradable materials and strives to improve environmental sustainability by changing how firms manufacture their products. Companies drastically reduce trash going to landfill and cut material prices by producing materials from discarded items and products.  
  • With the recycling sector expanding globally, there is a chance to create hundreds more in cash and thousands of jobs in the economy, which are now being lost to the existing linear paradigm.

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