Greenwashing - Sustainability's Formidable Foe

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The market for “green” or sustainable assets has been rising rapidly. Unfortunately, not all assets are truly sustainable; some are “greenwashed.”

Given ESG’s soaring value, the motive for greenwashing is clear. However, what is less clear is the impact it has on different stakeholders.

That is the purpose of our new whitepaper: understanding greenwashing and its ethical and economic impact in greater depth, and proposing novel solutions to prevent it.

Key Points:

  • Recently, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) stated that corporate disclosures on Environmental, Social, and Governance issues would become a priority for them.
  • Corporate greenwashing is the practice of exaggerating or obfuscating one’s green quotient.
  • Companies could use a universally accepted reporting mechanism that does not leave much to ambiguity and interpretation.

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