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Media enterprises are steadily witnessing margin pressures attributed to the emergence of newer audience engagement touchpoints such as FAST channels, sports franchises, D2C platforms, super aggregators, and AVOD services. The adoption of the hybrid technology deployment model surge is attributed to the demand for resilient infrastructure to provide uninterrupted premium audience experience across multi-faceted distribution avenues. The competitive landscape and the growing need for increased operational productivity at a lower total cost of ownership will be pivotal factors in influencing growth and technology roadmaps for most media enterprises.

Key Takeaways

  • With changing financial health, including the rising cost of content acquisition, meeting strategic goals might demand a shift in their technology procurement roadmaps.
  • Cost-effective reach and scalable premium quality of engagement (QoE) are flagship key performance indicators (KPIs) for today’s connected media enterprises.
  • For media enterprises embarking on the version creation 2.0 journey with vendors offering cognitive (AI/ML) managed and monitoring services, it will be essential to enhance sustainability.

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