mRNA Provides Significant Long-Term Investment Opportunities

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The success of the mRNA-based vaccine for the COVID-19 virus established that mRNA technology is highly effective in improving the body’s immune response. Messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccines are faster and easier to mass-produce than traditional vaccines. This feature enabled biopharma companies to invest in and produce mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines on a large scale, which was necessary to combat the pandemic. But how does one keep fundamentals over frenzy and identify the best-placed beneficiaries? And will the capital raising activity continue to remain that strong? 

Key Takeaways:
•    The mRNA vaccine technology promises a huge growth potential to biopharma companies.
•    After the recent success of mRNA vaccines to fight against the COVID-19 virus, companies are participating in M&A and fundraising activities.
•    While mRNA is still in its infancy stage, the fight against COVID-19 has served as a significant testing ground for the technology.
•    Companies are now exploring the possibility as well as the benefits of mRNA vaccines to treat other diseases.

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