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10 Cool Alexa Use Cases We Can’t Wait to Try!

Published on Jan 01, 1970

Alexa has been one of the most exciting products that Amazon has launched as it was developed around the key notion of – “A personal assistant for anyone” – challenging the notion that personal assistants are only for professionals.  

In a time when people are very enthusiastic about experiencing voice-commanded devices, Alexa, a cloud-based voice service came into the picture offering more services than SIRI or Google Assistant.   

Although Alexa is widely known for its personal assistance services like switching music channels, controlling smart homes, getting news updates and weather reports, there is still so much more than you can get Alexa to do for you.  

Here are some 10 cool use cases that you can try with Alexa:  

1. Forget Worrying about your grocery list  

In today’s fast-paced world where online delivery is playing a crucial role, how comfortable would it be for someone to take care of your grocery list – placing orders and reorder according to time and need?  

Splendid isn’t it?  

You don’t have to keep a checklist of your own anymore. Alexa will take care of it. The best part is you don’t have to remind her; instead, she’ll remind you.  

Well, for now, only Amazon prime users can benefit from this specific Alexa feature.  



2. Choose the best route with real-time traffic insights  

Many a time you would have come across any of the following scenarios  

·         The shortest route being jam-packed during peak hours  

·         Unexpected roadblocks on your usual route  

·         Inadequate road infrastructure  

Next time, to avoid such situations let Alexa do the math of mapping alternate routes, forecast traffic, and assist you in reaching your destination on time.  

3. Check global timings  

Apart from everyday news and weather updates, you can use Alexa to check timings across the globe and have your calendar scheduled accordingly.  


4. Buy and Manage insurance claims  

Thinking to meet your policy agents or surfing the internet to understand insurance policies and claims?  

Well, Alexa can take care of that for you.  

Many companies are focusing on using Alexa’s features to provide voice command services to guide customers through the policy purchase and management process and help find a quote that suits their profile and budget.  

A real-time scenario is Liberty mutual insurance launching Alexa service for its customers.  

5. Get your first aid tutorial in case of emergency  

Just imagine, you are enjoying your weekend at your friend’s place and while you’re having a whale of a time, one of your friends starts choking in front of you.   

Baffled at how to help your dear friend? 

Ask Alexa.  

She can help you tackle such situations by assisting you in performing the appropriate first aid with voice-activated instructions.  

Just don’t forget to activate the required features on Alexa.  

6. Get live information about hospitals before even getting there  

How much do you know about a hospital and its services when you visit it for the first time?  

Still thinking?  

Well, Alexa can quickly update you on the hospital services including doctor’s details, hospital admission regulations and other essentials like bill payments, parking, and visitor information, and the medical care team services.  

This capability of Alexa can come in handy especially during emergency situations when you may be heading to a nearby medical facility that you have no idea about.  

7. Make Alexa your Bluetooth speaker  

You can use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker. Pair her to your mobile device and start enjoying your radio, music, movies, audiobooks and/or other audio files from your mobile handset.   

8. Find your misplaced phone  

How annoying is it to look for something you have misplaced, especially, when it’s your phone?   

Well, hereafter you don’t have to use your iPad to find your phone. Instead, just say “Alexa, find my phone”.  

For the first time, she’ll require your mobile number. A code number will be sent to your mobile to confirm if you’re the owner. Then she’ll ring your phone. Once you answer it, you get a recorded message saying, “Glad you found your phone.” 

9. Tune your guitar  

Looking for your guitar tuner to tune your strings?  

Alexa use to tune guitar

Well, you can stop digging in for your guitar tuner when you have Alexa. With Alexa’s guitar tuner feature, you can tune your specific strings individually.  

10. Make Alexa your fitness trainer  

Planning to hire a fitness trainer or hit the gym to maintain a healthy lifestyle?  

With Alexa, you can do this more! Apart from being your personal assistant, she can also be your personal fitness trainer.  

Just fill her in with your fitness goals and she will take care of everything right from your daily diet to workout session and calories burnt.  

All in All  

Its 5 years now that Alexa has been launched and pretty much has shown a futuristic vision of how Artificial intelligence can influence everyday life for humans.   

Though controversies on the negative impacts of AI have invoked concern among humans, the future with AI can be fruitfully relished if human intelligence is a step ahead of artificial intelligence.  

Thrilled for a future with AI?