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Data Management Solutions

SG Analytics data management solutions integrate a data-driven decision framework and offer in-depth domain knowledge of the underlying data with expertise in technology, data analytics, and automation.

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What we offer

  • Strategic Review & Planning: Our data solution services aid in setting strategic priorities using corporate objectives and market demands.
  • Current State Assessment: Process maps, client training sessions, and an examination of the architecture in its current form are all used to establish a foundational understanding of the state of affairs from a human, procedural, statistical, and technical point of view. 
  • Target State Definition: We help our customers find untapped potential and develop untapped skills. We are your go-to partner when establishing service models, measurements, and wireframes for the desired future state. 
  • Roadmap: By leveraging SGA's data environment, we aid in pinpointing early wins and outlining a course to the desired end state. We next package our results into deliverables, which we present and send to the project/program manager. 

With a blend of automated and manual operations, our data lifecycle management services guarantee data integrity and availability. 

  • Data Sourcing & Analysis: We locate and collect structured and unstructured information to facilitate efficient data sourcing and analysis. We streamline the data import process as much as feasible by making a master copy of the record of truth.
  • Data Management & Maintenance: Our in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge data engineering solutions allows us to manage upsert and delete features efficiently, link between numerous databases/tables, and ensure accurate data distribution.
  • Data Distribution: SGA's data specialists may meet the specific requirements of its clients by creating bespoke data delivery strategies. Our efficient data distribution solution for the client is based on role-based access controls.


Our services include consulting on data risk assessment, strategy development, and implementation of internal controls.

  • Framework Design: SGA's team audits the current state of affairs, assists in pinpointing areas of weakness, and offers suggestions for improving the business model. We aid the customer in establishing the DQ structure, the DGO, the RACI, etc.
  • Data Glossary & Supply Chain Management: Data catalogs and models, business lexicons, data dictionaries, etc., are all things we create, record, and keep up to date.
  • Data Stewardship Support: To find CDEs with inconsistent values, we apply pattern analysis and root-cause analysis. We help our customers determine what data gaps exist and establish relevant business rules. Codification and exception management/remediation are two additional services our data professionals team provides.
  • Data Quality Management: We help with managing and fixing exceptions and determining their causes.


Our services help businesses save money by optimizing their people, processes, and use of technology.

  • Client Life Cycle Processes: With our knowledge of the client data lifecycle, we help our customers set up and manage their SSI and client data. In addition to continuing due diligence and transaction monitoring, we conduct onboarding, screening, and risk assessment for new clients. We assist in filling in the blanks by integrating remediation program support, which allows for a sharper concentration on essentials.
  • Trade Life Cycle Processes: Our services also include assisting clients with creating and upkeep price and vendor information across all asset classes. Corporate action management and remediation & reconciliation are two other services we provide.
  • Data Aggregation & Migration Support: Experts in data management help customers create accounts, set up upstream connections, and tailor user profiles. We regularly do validation and integrity checks on the collected data using hybrid automated data gathering.
  • Service Desk Support: We have first- and second-line support staff on hand. We use a Follow the Sun model of accessibility and intelligent routing to handle inquiries most efficiently.


End-to-End Data Solutions

Our data experts are adept at managing data and diverse datasets across data formats and sources by deploying manual automation and technological means.

Value-added Insights

We deliver actionable and value-added insights that help clients further enhance data quality and related workflows while bringing efficiencies to existing processes

Deliver Non-Linear Business Impact

We augment our large-scale data management capabilities with our data analytics expertise to generate non-linear business impact for clients

Who we work with


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