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SGA's ESG as a service offers a one-stop shop for rating organizations, data platforms, financial market participants, and corporates for all ESG requirements, from ESG data and insights to content, consulting, and reporting.

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What we offer

SGA’s ESG data and research solutions are driven by secondary research to analyze ESG trends, metrics, news, and controversies. Our scalable model enables us to deal with large-scale and dynamic data easily, making us a ‘brand behind the brand’ for rating agencies and ESG data platforms. Our data aggregation is accomplished through extensive research of company-level self-disclosed data, publicly available data, data from third-party sources, and controversial research data. We cleanse and validate data through data triangulation and ESG expert opinions while maintaining data integrity using data quality rules. To further generate deep insights, we incorporate the ESG integration strategy with peer benchmarking and gap analysis.

  • A deep understanding of regional terminologies, exchanges, reliable sources of data, and types of documents filed by companies makes us a key differentiator. SGA has strong know-how of market-specific needs, in-house expertise across 16+ global languages across developed and emerging markets, and a nuanced contextual understanding of broader ESG goals, valuable-focused roadmaps, gaps, and the way forward.
  • We leverage technology in our source-tracking solution that holds the capacity to track more than 25,000 sources across the world. It automatically downloads the relevant data sources as soon as it is updated and alerts the analysts or downstream systems for further processing.
  • We automate the segregation of downloaded data into identified and non-identifiable documents through our Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) tool to extract data from identified sources based on contextual and decision-based business rules. Our intelligent data identification and extraction techniques ensure high data accuracy through analyst verification of the collected data.

  • Trained Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines help in categorizing information into ESG topics of interest to generate insights. The NLP engines are calibrated as per a customer’s engagement requirements to ensure speedy turnaround times.

SGA’s ESG consulting services are aimed at providing a one-stop solution for integrating sustainability with business operations – from screening and performing due diligence of portfolio companies for investment market participants to enhancing the ESG performance of corporates by identifying key components, focus areas, risks, and opportunities along with the recommendations for improvement.

With our ESG reporting services, we help organizations improve their ESG disclosure quality and transparency in ESG communications by assessing their ESG performance, bridging ESG gaps, tracking and monitoring progress, and driving resilience to ensure business continuity. Through our greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting services, we enable businesses to measure their carbon footprint and offer a way forward to achieve environmental goals.

We formulate ESG data collection templates, sustainability strategies and frameworks, implementation roadmaps, and policies and procedures to help businesses achieve industry leadership to enhance their sustainability performance and ESG ratings. Our expertise in multiple ESG frameworks, including GRI, SASB, UN SDGs, CDP, and TCFD, along with an understanding of the global sustainable regulations as well as the changing dynamics in the ESG space, enables us to cater to the diverse ESG requirements of our clients.

  • Comprehensive research on the sector, geographical factors, peers, standards and frameworks, relevance to stakeholders, and impact on the business is undertaken to identify material topics. Meticulous engagement with relevant internal and external stakeholders can also be conducted to determine and prioritize the key focus areas for a business.
  • The maturity of the business in its ESG journey is gauged through as-is assessment, gap analysis, and peer benchmarking. Corporates’ existing policies and frameworks, along with the availability of data for key ESG metrics, are considered to identify their current ESG performance. It is then measured against the existing standards, regulations, and peers to analyze the gaps and compare their market performance. Our customized ESG integration services include designing and developing standardized data collection templates and conducting GHG accounting of Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.
  • Progressive ESG integration strategy and implementation roadmaps are recommended to enhance ESG performance by setting comprehensive goals and targets, taking initiatives, and developing tools to monitor the periodical ESG progress.
  • With our value-driven ESG services, we assist in reporting our clients’ ESG performance, goals, strategy, initiatives, and metrics to the relevant stakeholders in alignment with globally recognized standards and frameworks like GRI, SASB, and IR through the development of an ESG/Sustainability Report. 


Bespoke ESG Solutions

Bespoke ESG solutions augmented via flexible engagement models aligning with globally reported frameworks and guidelines

16+ Languages

Combination of sustainability research competency and language proficiency across 16 Asian and European languages

End-To-End Solutioning

Analytical capabilities enabling end-to-end ESG management and integration

15,000+ Issuers

Multi-asset-class expertise and research experience for 15,000+ issuers across different sustainability themes

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