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Cool Gadgets of 2019

Cool Gadgets
Published on Dec 06, 2019

Ever-evolving technology is driving innovation to the next level thereby greatly influencing our lives in the present times. Below are some of the cool innovations that hit the stands this year. Perhaps not all of them might suit your budget – however, they are surely emblematic of the next-level innovation, fully integrated with technology to make life more fun and electronically engaging.  

Ovis – Smart Suitcase 

Often we may forget to grab our suitcase during a hectic travel schedule, back-to-back meetings, or even during your vacation while having great fun.  

With Ovis, you’ll never have to face such situations hereafter. 

Smart Suitcase 


The AI tech suitcase will constantly follow your steps while you walk around hands-free. The smart suitcase is designed to facilitate a carefree trip for people instead of constantly having to keep an eye on their luggage. 

Skyroam Solis X Wi-Fi Smartspot 

The Internet has simplified traveling today. Much of the essentials like authentic food, good restaurants, budget hotels, feasible routes, vehicles, security etc.  that are required for a trip are available on the internet. 

However, to stay connected during travel is the critical part owing to the lack of availability of Wi-Fi in all places.  

Wi-Fi Smartspot 


Well, we don’t have to worry about Wi-Fi connections anymore. SKYROAM SOLIS X – a tiny device that can fit in your small crossbody bag will take care of your connectivity regardless of which country you are traveling. It provides a 4G LTE connectivity and apart from being your portable Wi-Fi, Skyroam Solis X can also be your smart assistant and power bank.  

To spice things up, the device also has a wide-angle camera lens and is an ideal fit for a safe and entertaining trip across the seas. 

Bose Audio Sunglasses 

How about music at its best quality without headphones or speakers? 

Bose Audio Sunglasses


Well that is what Bose’s Audio sunglasses aim to facilitate while protecting your eyes from UV rays. Aside from sunglasses, this gadget allows users to connect to Bluetooth, play music, and answer calls. Also, they can be paired with smart devices to access apps like Spotify, skype or google maps. 


It is possible to have your cocktail even when you don’t have the recipe or one of the multiple ingredients? 

All you need to have is BARTESIAN – a cocktail machine as well as your local mixologist. 



Just add the basic spirits like vodka or rum or gin or tequila, insert the capsule, select the strength and get your favorite cocktail mixed in no time. Enjoy any cocktail including margaritas, negroni, mint juleps and much more without leaving a tip. 

Pocketalk Voice Translator  

‘Language’ has been a prime concern for travelers since ages. Although Google has tried to do a good job, Pocketalk was developed to be a more user-friendly device and has reduced dependency on smartphone to overcome language barriers. 

Pocketalk Voice Translator  



The pocket-sized device is programmed to translate 74 different languages and facilitate seamless communication between foreigners and locals. The built-in data and advanced microphones ensure quick conversation.  

Vaonis Stellina Portable Smart Telescope  

Just the size of a briefcase, this compact telescope is modeled for remote observatories and is the world’s first ‘smart telescope’.  

Portable Smart Telescope  


The telescope is smartphone-centric which makes it easy to use and control. Also, it has a built-in light pollution filter and is incredible with faint objects and precise tracking. 

All you need to do is point it skyward, connect the app and choose the constellation. Vaonis Stellina will take care of the rest like focusing and image capturing which you can use for further studies and observations. 

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro 

The only surveillance camera with smart sentry – an AI tool that not only helps identify true threats but aids the prevention of break-ins by notifying owners immediately when a lurker has been spotted.  The camera is capable of accurately differentiating between an actual threat and animals, trees, or random passerby.  

Vivint Outdoor Camera


Fun Fact: The camera plays a whistling sound and while the intruder looks at the camera, snaps a picture. Attributes like the sound, number of snaps, notifications when lurker is detected, areas to be surveilled etc. can be customized according to one’s preferences.