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Marketing Strategy Consulting That Gets It Right

Marketing Strategy Consulting That Gets It Right
Published on Oct 01, 2021

In one sentence, a strategy is a plan of action to achieve a goal. And therefore, a marketing strategy is a plan of action to achieve the goals of marketing: converting prospective consumers into paying customers. 

Short-term or long-term, building a market strategy is hard work. Further, it dictates where everyone in the marketing team should devote their limited time and creative energy. So, businesses better get it right. 

That’s precisely what our marketing strategy consulting delivers. 

How do we get it right? 

We get it right by delivering marketing strategy services that combine strategic initiatives with in-depth data and latest, accurate insights. 

That’s what sets us apart. Our market insights are corroborated by data, which enables our clients to take fewer risks and drive consistent growth, even in a dynamic, ever-changing environment. 

Data-first marketing strategy services 

With over a decade of delivering best-in-class data analytics solutions, SG Analytics is counted among the world’s best data analytics consulting firms.  

But that also makes us one of the world’s best marketing strategy consulting firms, since we leverage the very deep expertise and experience to deliver best-in-class marketing strategy solutions. 

The key to our approach is gaining an in-depth understanding of where you are, where you want to be, and what’s stopping you from getting there. We achieve that by following this 6-step guide. 

1. Knowing your customers 

Identifying your ideal customer is critical because you don’t want to waste marketing capital on irrelevant prospects. Ordinarily, marketing strategies define ideal customers by ordinary factors like gender, age group, and occupation. Instead, as leading experts in data analytics and market research, we go beyond ordinary datasets, defining customers by a wide range of factors, such as their pain points, purchasing options, and go-to content channel. 

2. Knowing your value proposition 

An effective marketing strategy spotlights not the what but the why of your products and services. Any consultant will tell you that to answer the why, you must speak to your customers’ emotions. However, as data-driven marketing strategy consultants, we not only narrow down the value proposition that matters most to them, but also how to articulate it most effectively, and why. That’s the beauty of data: every decision is based on evidence, not intuition. 

3. Knowing your methods 

Once we have identified the why, we turn to the how. What is the most effective way to reach your ideal customers? Email? Social media? TV? How can you reach them offline? Promoting a product on one channel means not promoting it on another. That’s why we use a data-driven test-and-learn approach that identifies the right channel with a conditional probability, ensuring fewer unnecessary risks. 

4. Knowing your competitors 

Knowing your customers, though, is not enough. Because no matter how compelling your value proposition is, your customers will always view them in relation to your competitors. To differentiate yourself, you must first know whom you are competing with, in terms of quality, service, price, location, branding, and so forth. But standing out is not enough. A long-term marketing strategy is designed with the aim of staying there, to cultivate loyalty. 

5. Knowing your resources 

Every decision you make as part of your marketing strategy has an opportunity cost. That’s why it’s imperative to get it absolutely right. Because wrong decisions don’t just cost money, but also time, creativity, and other valuable business resources. Like outlining the right methods, we also outline the right budget by means of determining conditional probabilities, ensuring fewer losses. 

6. Evolve 

To grow consistently, a marketing, or business strategy, indeed, must evolve with time, constantly adapting to changes in the market. 

To thrive in a dynamic, ever-changing market, you need a marketing strategy that leverages data and rich market insights. Our data-driven, tailor-made solutions help you anticipate and adapt to changes, and deliver best-in-class marketing performance. Contact us today.