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The Omicron Variant Shows That COVID-19 Might Be Here to Stay-for Long

In October, year-over-year US inflation hit a 30-year-high, climbing 6.2% compared to October last year. The historic rise was...

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Marketing Strategy Consulting That Gets It Right

In one sentence, a strategy is a plan of action to achieve a goal. And therefore, a marketing strategy is a plan of action to...

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Top Hedge Fund Industry Trends, 2021

It is reasonable to assume that the pandemic sent the market globally into a tizzy. It really...

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"Saved More Than $2 Billion" - How Materiality Assessment Transforms Businesses

Every business decision you make has what economists call externalities.  Externalities are the...

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80% Clinical Data Buried in Physician Notes – Deep Text Analytics & Top Text Mining Use Cases

Organizations around the globe have been using machine learning and data science techniques to power interactions...

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Market Research: Landscapes & Current Trends

Market research has been the backbone of corporate decisions and strategies for a long time now....

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