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The New Buzz in Town: What is ChatGPT and Why Has it Taken the World by Storm?

SGAnalytics_Blog_The New Buzz in Town What is ChatGPT and Why Has it Taken the World by Storm
Published on Feb 10, 2023

OpenAI's most recent and widely recognized endeavor, ChatGPT, has been a much-discussed topic for the last few weeks, including that of Google, Microsoft, and Meta. The AI chatbot can hold conversational text interactions with users. It employs artificial intelligence to generate responses to questions, generate text, write code, or even make calculations.  

While many simple chatbots are already available in the market, what sets ChatGPT apart is that it is specifically trained to identify and understand the human intent in a question or query and offer helpful and harmless assistance to the user. Because of this training, ChatGPT is posing challenges to certain questions and discarding questions that do not make sense. Studies related to the ChatGPT bot have also highlighted how the organization has trained the integrated AI to anticipate what the user prefers. The metrics used to evaluate the generated outputs of natural language processing AI resulted in systems that scored well on the metrics but were not able to fulfill the expected criteria. 

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What is ChatGPT? 

An AI-powered chatbot, ChatGPT, is developed by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) research company OpenAI. The chatbot uses natural language processing (NLP), a machine learning (ML) mechanism, to generate responses to users' questions. The ChatGPT chatbot is trained on datasets of internet text for it to generate human-like text in response to prompts. It can be used for different natural languages processing tasks like language translation and text summarization. 

ChatGPT has a remarkable ability to interact with the user in the form of conversational dialogues and present responses that can appear human-like. ChatGPT uses large language models (LLMs) to perform tasks of predicting the next word in a sentence. The Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF) integrated into ChatGPT acts as an additional layer of training that employs human feedback to provide the tool the ability to learn and follow directions to generate responses that are satisfactory. 

This new AI language processing tool has been trending since its launch. It has been designed to understand our language and respond in the same language, making it capable of holding conversations. Considering its popularity, it is vital for users to understand how to use ChatGPT to make themselves accustomed to the growing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) integration. 

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Large Language Models in ChatGPT  

ChatGPT tool can be categorized as a large language model (LLM). Large Language Models (LLMs) are trained on enormous amounts of data to predict what word comes next in a sentence accurately. 

Studies have discovered that the increase in the amount of data is increasing the ability of language models to generate precise results. LLMs help the user identify and predict a series of words in a sentence. It acts like an autocomplete but at an enormous scale. This ability allows the user to write paragraphs and entire pages of content. However, LLMs are limited as they do not always understand what a user wants. And that's where ChatGPT comes into the picture. It enables the users to enhance their state-of-the-art, along with the reinforcement learning model. 

Is ChatGPT helpful? 

While there have been constant debates on how much the ChatGPT AI chatbot can be useful, it is surely garnering significance for providing human-like answers that are not only conversational but also easy to understand. Further, the user can also use the ChatGPT to gather information on a plethora of topics, summarize long documents or articles, translate texts, generate stories, poems, and code assistance. 

ChatGPT employs reinforcement learning with human feedback (RLHF) to process its environment intelligently by using human demonstrations. It can quickly adapt to different situations with learned desired behaviors. The bot has been trained on a substantial amount of data, and through continued learning of human knowledge, it provides the user with the desired responses on a wide variety of topics. 


How to use ChatGPT? 

While OpenAI is constantly working to enhance the operations of ChatGPT, it is important to note that the bot is designed to provide users with false information, as the integrated AI is not without its flaws. And artificial intelligence cannot be a replacement for human interaction or verified sources of information.  

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An AI chatbot, ChatGPT, can answer every user's questions. By employing a combination of machine learning (ML) and human intervention, ChatGPT is trained to engage in conversations with the user by using a method known as Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF). To use ChatGPT, developers need to first sign up for an OpenAI API (Application Programming Interface) key. The key gives them access to the model to use for their applications. 

Through a step-by-step guide, let us understand ChatGPT installation and setup:  

Step 1: Visit the OpenAI website to create an account. 

Step 2: Browse the API keys page to generate a unique API key. 

Step 3: Copy and store the API key to access the ChatGPT model 

Step 4: If using the Python language for coding, it is important to install the OpenAI Python package to access the ChatGPT model. The package should be installed by using the command line: ‘pip install openai’ 

Step 5: Once the OpenAI package is installed, you can access the ChatGPT model to produce an answer to any query 

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Limitations of ChatGPT  

  1. Limitations on Response 

The ChatGPT tool is programmed to not provide the user with toxic or harmful responses. It is due to this reason that the tool is likely to avoid answering such kinds of questions. 

  1. The Quality of the Output is Proportional to the Quality of the Directions 

An important limitation of the ChatGPT tool is that the quality of the generated results depends directly on the quality of the input. In other words, it is important for the user to provide expert directions or prompts to the tool to generate better answers. 

  1. Incorrect Answers Can be Expected 

Another limitation of ChatGPT is the inaccuracy of the results. This is because the tool is trained to provide answers that feel right to humans. However, the answers can trick humans into believing that the generated output is correct. Many users also discovered that the tool was providing them with incorrect answers. 

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Key Highlights 

  • An AI-backed chatbot prototype, ChatGPT, is developed by OpenAI. 

  • It is an AI chatbot that answers the queries of users in a conversational manner. It can be used to write poems, reviews, or even solve maths problems. 

  • Due to a trained framework, ChatGPT is a revolutionary technology that examines the users to learn how humans interact when they ask a question.  

To Sum Up 

OpenAI introduced ChatGPT, a long-form question-answering AI that helps in generating answers for complex questions conversationally. Notably, the ChatGPT tool is available for the user only via a web page. Within the first five days since it was launched, over a million users have registered to use ChatGPT. However, ChatGPT is now being envisioned as a tool that users will eventually have to pay to use, as the company is set to release an official app for it.  

ChatGPT is a revolutionary technology due to its trained framework to learn how humans interact when they ask a question.  

ChatGPT is set to change the way information is retrieved. While many users are in awe of its ability to facilitate human-quality responses, it is inspiring the feeling that the tool may eventually possess the power to disrupt the ways humans interact with computers. But with many duplicate or fake apps available in the name that can claim to be official ChatGPT apps, it is important to be aware of their authenticity. 

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