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Building a Robust ESG Reporting Framework With Intelligent Automation

Behind the decision to embrace digital transformation is mostly the motivation to attain business process efficiency and...

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Top Sustainable Companies in 2022

According to latest trends, customers are making purchases prioritizing environmental impact. Our decision to work...

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50% Reduction in Carbon Emissions by 2030 – Sustainable Future With EU Taxonomy

Before getting to know more about the EU taxonomy, it is crucial to understand its contribution toward the ‘EU Green...

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Impact Investing Market Size Is $715 Billion: What Is the Future of Our Planet?

Shifting its path from being niche to mainstream, impact investing is gaining popularity at an accelerated rate. The...

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90% Companies in Americas Report on Sustainability – The Growing Importance of Sustainability Reporting

An organization’s ability to have a positive impact on environmental and social change is increasingly...

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ESG Trends | A Fundamental Rethink on What the World Needs

There has been plenty of hype surrounding impact investing and ESG. Investors have lined up a slew of publications, reports,...

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