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Chat GPT-4: What is it? How to Use It? and More

What is Chat GPT4
Published on Apr 04, 2023

OpenAI is making headlines with news that it is updating its viral ChatGPT and set to release a new version named GPT-4.  

OpenAI is emerging today as one of the biggest names in tech. The artificial intelligence (AI) company has created realistic image generators and 3D-model creators, and the thing it is best recognized for is ChatGPT. The company recently announced a major upgrade to the software behind ChatGPT. While the program was running on a technology known as GPT-3, OpenAI has now launched GPT-4.  

GPT-3 and now 4 are the best-known language-processing AI models available today. The company has also introduced a pay-to-use version named ChatGPT Pro. It provides the users with a host of added benefits for $20 (£16) a month, such as priority access, faster load times, and access to GPT-4.   

So, what is GPT-4? What does it do? And is it really emerging as the future of AI?  

Let's find out!  

About Chat GPT4  

What is Chat GPT-4?  

Chat GPT-4, OpenAI's latest release, is considered one of the most powerful and impressive AI models from the company behind ChatGPT and the Dall-E AI artist. The system holds the capability to pass the bar exam, solve logic puzzles, and even present a recipe to use up leftovers on the basis of a photo of the fridge. However, the creators have issued concerns over the system being able to spread fake facts, embed destructive ideologies, and trick people into doing tasks on its behalf. The latest AI overlord, GPT-4, is a machine for creating text. However, it is very good at creating text, as well as understanding and reasoning about the world. 

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Capabilities of Chat GPT-4 

OpenAI's latest ChatGPT version - GPT-4, is capable of outperforming its predecessor. GPT-4 is now helping individuals to even calculate their taxes. OpenAI has highlighted that GPT-4 is good at tasks that demand advanced thinking as well as understanding complex instructions. Many have already started employing GPT-4 for different creative tasks since its launch. A demonstration by Greg Brockman, OpenAI's president, showed GPT-4 taking a photo of a hand-drawn mock-up for a website and designing a real one. 

Capabilities of Chat GPT4   

Understanding the Framework of GPT-3, GPT-4, and ChatGPT?  

GPT-3 (Generative Pretrained Transformer 3) and GPT-4 are state-of-the-art language processing AI models designed by OpenAI. The frameworks are capable of generating human-like text and offer a wide range of applications, such as language translation, language modeling, and generating text for applications. GPT-3 is considered one of the largest and most powerful language-processing AI models to date. 

Its most common use has been for creating ChatGPT - a highly capable chatbot used to write. GPT-3 equips users with the ability to give a trained AI a wide range of worded prompts. They can be in the form of questions or requests for a piece of writing on a particular topic. The language processing AI model is programmed to identify and interpret human language as it is spoken and written. 

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How is GPT-4 different from GPT-3?  

In essence, GPT-4 is similar to its predecessor GPT-3. However, some new features boost the software's abilities. GPT-4 mainly incorporates the ability to increase the number of words that can be used in the input. The new limit is up to 25,000, i.e., 8 times as many as the ChatGPT model.  

OpenAI has also stated that the latest version makes fewer mistakes. Previously, ChatGPT was likely to become confused, offering users nonsensical answers to their questions or false information. 

How is GPT-4 different from GPT-3

Additionally, GPT-4 is better at recreating language and expressing creativity. In OpenAI's demonstration of the new technology, when the system was instructed to summarise a blog post using words that start with the letter' g,' it showcased a better understanding of how to write with precision. On top of this, OpenAI's latest release also displayed the potential of utilizing images to initialize prompts. 

OpenAI is now proposing the use of video for prompts in upcoming releases. This would allow the user to input videos with a structured prompt for the language model to outline.   

GPT-4 is also capable of creating recipes with images. This clever use of technology presents users with tips and recipes to cook a dish based on the printed image. The company also showcased the tool's ability to create an entire website that can successfully run on JavaScript. 

As a tool to perform jobs done by humans, GPT-3 was competing with writers and journalists. However, GPT-4 has shown the ability to design websites, complete tax returns, and even deal with legal information.    

When will GPT-4 be available to the Audience?  

While GPT-4 has been announced, when will it be made available to the users?  

The GPT-4 version of ChatGPT will be available on the Pro version of the software and will be priced at $20/month on a premium plan. This plan is only available via a waiting list currently. It also offers other benefits, including availability when demand is high and faster response speeds. Alternatively, Microsoft's new version of Bing is running GPT-4. This also has a waitlist for users to join, but unlike ChatGPT Pro, the tool is free to use. 

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When will GPT-4 be available to the Audience

Where can GPT-4 be used?  

GPT-3 was being embraced by a lot of big companies, inputting the technology into search engines, apps, and software. But with GPT-4, OpenAI seems to be pushing even harder. Microsoft's Bing is the main user of the technology, but OpenAI has documented that the software is being used by organizations like Khan Academy to help their students with coursework and provide teachers with ideas for lessons. 

The language-learning app Duolingo has also gotten involved with something called 'Duolingo Max.' It incorporates two features- 

  • It will help explain why the answer to a specific question was right or wrong,  

  • It will set up role-plays with an artificial intelligence(AI) system to play out language in various scenarios.  

More and more organizations are now opening to the idea of adopting this technology, payment processing companies, and other customer service brands.  

Where can GPT-4 be used?  

Key Highlights 

  • The popular AI chatbot by OpenAI, ChatGPT, is powered by GPT-4 which was released on March 14th as the successor to GPT-3. 

  • GPT-4 is a powerful artificial intelligence model by OpenAI, succeeding the technology behind ChatGPT. 

  • GPT-4 is multimodal, which implies that it can generate content from images as well as text prompts. 

  • Unlike its predecessor GPT-3.5, the large language model - GPT-4 is capable of using images as inputs to identify objects in a picture and analyze them. 

  • GPT-4 is capable of processing 25,000 words, which is eight times more than its predecessor GPT-3. It also assists the user in calculating their taxes. 

  • GPT-4 is currently accessible through ChatGPT Plus. 

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Final Thoughts 

OpenAI's new AI model - GPT-4, has made its big debut. While it is already powering everything - from being a virtual volunteer for the visually impaired individuals to enhancing language learning bots, what really sets GPT-4 apart from previous versions is its multimodal framework. Although ChatGPT was described as being GPT-3.5, it is not itself a version of OpenAI's large language model. Rather it is a chat-based interface for whichever model powers it.  

The ChatGPT system gained immense popularity in the last few months and has paved the way for users to interact with GPT-4. 

GPT-4 incorporates steerability natively than GPT-3.5. With GPT-4, users can change the classic ChatGPT personality through a fixed tone and style and opt for something that is more suited to their requirements. 

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