Case study

Generating Actionable Insights for an E-commerce Aggregator to Enable them to Analyze & Scale Brands

insights for our E-commerce aggregator


  • Our client is an ecommerce aggregator startup. They have data in the format of CSV and Excel files, which we manually downloaded from the source platforms (Shopify, Amazon, etc.)​
  • Initially, we built the PowerBI dashboard to track key KPIs. Later we created various Tableau reports in the form of dashboards to help them scale and take key business decisions​


  • We created a data pipeline to bring data from various sources to a central repository that was created in AWS S3​
  • We built data pipelines using python scripts and automated them on a local server, hence adding no cost to the client’s pocket​
  • With incremental loads, we made data available in snowflake so that the entire organization can access data using basic SQL codes​
  • As an initial part of the BI engagement, we identified key KPI’s for top management and created 3 Power BI dashboards​
  • The KPIs and design were carefully chosen to convey insights and showcase business performance​
  • We followed it up with 7 Tableau Dashboards that were more granular to teams like sales, marketing, product, and operations​
  • The dashboards were designed to help the business understand campaign effectiveness, weekly performance, key products, and recommend course of actions for future improvements​



We built action-oriented dashboards enabling our client to expand a variety of products, monetize in-demand products, and procure high customer traction​


  • Created a cost-efficient solution to have single source of truth for data within the organization​
  • Automated their manually run excels in the form of dashboards. Transformed 18 excel to 8 visual dashboards with slice and dice capability​
  • Delivered insights like sales, margins, targets, costs, etc. By tracking these, client’s sales were up by 20% for existing brands and they were able to add 209 new products from 32 new brands in 3 months​



  • SGA’s solution helped them build a quick decision-making pipeline for acquisitions, which was evident as multiple brands were acquired in a short span of time​
  • One of the cost-effective solutions to centralize data was instrumental in improving delivery time of their internal analysts. It also helped them in competitor analytics, which was key to acquire right brands​
  • SGA’s automated report generation in Tableau ensured timely and accurate delivery of reports​

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