Case study

How We Built a Usage Analytics Solution for Our Client, a Leading Financial Service Provider​

Leading Financial Service Provider​


Our client wanted us to create a Business Intelligence (BI) layer for its stakeholders and associates. The client wanted to provide full data access to associates through the BI-layer over structured and unstructured data, enabling them to perform an in-depth exploratory analysis.​


  • We developed a visualization layer with the necessary features, such as the ability to drill down, benchmark, and set alerts/reminders​
  • We created automated pipelines across the data sources to ensure automatic updates​.​
  • We incorporated user segmentation on the user base by their usage level to provide:​
  • Lead indicator for cancelation (inactive users are 2–3 times more likely to cancel than active users)​​
  • Actionable measures for SAM (Serviceable Available Market) to support retention activity​​
  • Enable prioritization of SAM activities by targeting specific usage segments​.​
  • We aligned users to specific trading businesses based on their application and instrument usage ​trends.​



We analyzed our client’s as-is process and built a Usage Analytics solution to analyze active v/s inactive users, user behavior patterns, and challenges related to the accessibility and availability of the systems.​


  • Our solution helped the client save 1,200 Person Hours of manual work through automation, resulting in an increased (30+%) user adoption​
  • This helped CSMs' in customer retention based on tracking their activity week-over-week.​



  • We helped our client track its user movements regularly​

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