Case study

Fine-Tuning Sales Acquisition Strategy Through Detailed Competitive Profiling

sales acquisition strategy


The CMI team of a global ERP technology giant. The competitive and market intelligence (CMI) team of our client wanted to gather detailed and repeatable intelligence on its competitors and partners, across product lines.


  • The client needed to identify the strategies that its competitors/partners were using to be successful and help its sales force pitch its edge better.
  • The client also wanted to make decisions on honing competitive strategy as well as acquisition strategy based on the overall profiles.


SGA’s competitive profiling solution helped the client get a detailed read on its competitors and partners. SGA leveraged a combination of research and analysis to create detailed profiles that addressed the following:

  • Market Landscape - We tracked the latest market developments along with the market share for products and financials and funding history of the competitor in case of a startup.
  • Organization Structure - We profiled key leaders within companies leading product innovation as well as employees and their views on the companies.
  • Product benchmarking - Key product lines along with their features and new innovations were tracked. We also leveraged social media and product reviews to further streamline and triangulate the gathered intelligence.
  • Sales & Marketing - We assessed the digital presence and SEO activities of competitors. We further validated this by looking at thought leadership articles as well as customer success testimonials. Using this, we created complete profiles that were then used by the client to achieve multiple business objectives.

Using this, we created complete profiles that were then used by the client to achieve multiple business objectives.

Value Delivered

  • The client leveraged the information in the profiles to hone its sales strategy and pitches. The sales force was now given targeted information that helped in addressing the key value proposition of the product and queries on competitors in an informed manner.
  • The client used these profiles to shortlist the competitors whose product lines were complementary to its own and could help them in driving growth. The shortlisted profiles were then shared with the mergers & acquisitions team for further due diligence.

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