Case study

Comparative Assessment of a CRM Solutions Provider

CRM solutions provider


A global technology solution provider.

Business Situation

  • Provide a detailed comparative benchmarking analysis of the features and functionalities of key solution providers.
  • Provide a better understanding of end-user experience-related value, customer intelligence, and omni-channel marketing automation.

Benefits and Outcomes of Our Engagement

  • Insights from our study helped the client assess the competitive market landscape including leaders and laggards.
  • Benchmarking matrix enabled the client to design best-in-class product features and functionalities.


Assessed the customer intelligence (journey & engagement) vendor solutions landscape.


SGA Approach Engagement

  • Conducted exhaustive secondary research with a focus on customer intelligence/analytics across solution providers’ website, product tutorials, blogs, presentation, social media reviews, etc.
  • Identified key customer-centric software functionality and capability criteria (such as customer intelligence, omni-channel marketing automation, customer journey, campaign effectiveness, etc.) based on market knowledge and primary data insights.
  • Provided a rating (on a scale of 1 to 5) to each solution provider on the shortlisted features and identified their strengths and weaknesses across overall CRM solution elements.
  • Developed a comparative ranking model across key solution providers and created a vendor landscaping matrix using the leader/laggard model.

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