Case study

We Created Automated Data Ingestion Application to Integrate API-Based Input Data Sources Across Data Sets for a Leading Media Network

Media Conglomerate - SG Analytics


We automated the data ingestion application that integrates API-based input data sources across 3rd party and owned data sets


  • We created API-based python codes for extracting data across multiple sources like 3rd party data such as Nielsen, Ad Sales data, Campaign promotions and Program Schedule data
  • We built a staging area in AWS S3 and then loaded those into tables using a unifying process log id
  • We used python and Spark to process tags and update missing show data using fuzzy match to build the final consumable tables
  • We also built process monitoring dashboards using Tableau to track the entire data-processing lifecycle



We developed APIs that provide stakeholders with data on channel switching behavior of live audiences across different TV networks and demographics


  • Our Web Scheduler helped in triggering data ingestion, cleansing, processing codes
  • Results are utilized by UI team to draw intuitive visualizations and generate insights accordingly
  • Our solution helped in improving efficiency of endpoint results



  • We built a data-cleansing layer that automatically cleaned the data using inbuilt process logic applicable to the media domain data

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