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How are Organizations Modernizing their Data Security and Management?

Organizations globally are striving to incorporate...

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“Invested $300 Million in Google Cloud”: What Is #Apple up to Lately?

Last year, according to The Information, Apple invested nearly $300 million in Google cloud...

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94% Of Enterprises Already Use Some Type of Cloud Service – Importance of Cloud Governance

According to estimates, cloud hosted nearly 60% of workloads in 2019, whereas in 2018 it was 45% (451 research). The relevance...

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94% Workload to Be Processed by Cloud in ’21 – Businesses Move From On-Prem to Cloud

Today, for many companies, Cloud computing has become an alternative for on-premises servers. Apart...

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Is Data Sovereignty an Enabler or Roadblock for Cloud Adoption?

Adhering to data sovereignty regulations a big challenge for enterprises! Why are Chief...

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Cloud Computing - The Growth Molecule for the Global Chemical Industry

One of the primary goals of digitization is a movement toward a seamless integration of planning and production. It has...

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