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Equip your sales teams to deliver growth

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Customed Sales analytics consulting to improve sales performance

Even the best products and services need to be sold efficiently and effectively. Our sales analytics services & solutions, such as Salesforce analytics, sales performance analysis, and sales forecasting, help you devise strategies to enhance your sales team’s performance. As a leading Sales Analytics consulting company, SG Analytics works with clients to visualize and track all sales activities that lead up to conversions.

Sales data analytics services

Data is the cornerstone for manufacturing quality products and maintaining a competent sales team in the present times. Therefore, businesses focus on sales analytics to gain in-depth market knowledge to optimize marketing efficiency and decision-making and improve sales conversion. As one of the widely known sales analytics companies, our sales analytics fused with market research will enable you to acquire key insights to lead sales, innovation, and keep pace with the competitive landscape.

Sales Analytics Services

What We Offer

SGA’s salesforce analytics and territory alignment help ensure the right sales effort is aligned to the most promising and relevant markets, remove inefficiencies, and ensure your sales budget goes beyond just achieving your targets.

  • Salesforce support: Leverage Salesforce to maximize your sales team’s potential and adjust efforts and resource allocation based on Salesforce analytics.
  • Territory management: Use sales data analytics to maximize territory management tactics while ensuring that teams are deployed efficiently across various geographies.

SGA’s sales forecasting combines the use of cutting-edge forecasting tools with data ranging from your existing sales data to macro-economic inputs to ensure the most accurate forecasts are delivered.

  • Forecasts: Generate accurate and insightful forecasts for a range of time horizons based on existing sales data analysis, industry analysis, and economic trends
  • Adjusted sales forecasting: Revise forecasts regularly based on the latest developments in the market and equip management teams to enhance performance measurement

Motivating your sales force to achieve and over-achieve requires the right blend of incentives and recognition. SGA’s incentive planning helps convert this art into a science.

  • Incentive structuring: Data-based incentive models that reward the best performing sales team members while promoting teamwork at the same time
  • Quantitative tracking: Quantitative performance benchmarking that allows data-based incentive models to be applied easily and fairly

Sales is all about meeting and exceeding the numbers, and incorrect attribution is the most certain way to a disgruntled salesforce. SGA’s performance tracking helps keep the data sacrosanct while ensuring visibility into performance at various levels.

  • Sales performance analysis: Create dashboards that track and manage the performance of the sales team across sectors and geographies
  • Quantify performance: Link performance appraisals to quantitative metrics while ensuring that team morale and motivation is maintained at high levels


Quantitative Metrics

Sales analytics solution ensures the maintenance of motivation and team morale at high levels by linking quantitative metrics to performance appraisals

Accurate Forecasting

Provide precise and insightful forecasts based on sales analytics, economic trends, and industry analysis for multiple time zones

Enhanced Incentive Models

Formation of data-based incentives models focused on rewarding the best performing sales team members, additionally promoting teamwork

Salesforce Analytics

Maximize sales teams potential with Salesforce. Comprehensive Salesforce analytics to fine-tune efforts and resource allocation

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