Case study

Unlocking Efficiencies: SG Analytics Enables Clients to Enhance Conversion Rate and Customer Acquisition

SG Analytics FinTech Case Study Marketing Effectiveness


  • A US-based Fintech organization aiming to unlock efficiencies and improve conversation rates on its web and mobile app for new customer acquisition and up-sell.
  • The client wanted assistance in analyzing customer journeys initiated through marketing efforts and improving conversion rates without increasing cost or change in channel strategy, which mainly focused on the email channel.


Consulting Engagement

  • Created baseline performance based on traffic, conversion funnel, script performances, CTA performance, landing page validations, and ease of navigation across platforms
  • Benchmarking performance factors across peers and industry standards
  • Recommended script modifications, inclusion of PURLs, pre-filled forms, and tag governance
  • Conducted performance analysis by diverting a percentage of traffic to a modified page using 302 redirects

Analytics Engagement

  • Created look-alike models to generate personalized offerings (rates)
  • Built response propensity models aiding multi-touch strategy


  • SGA’s engagement comprised two teams
  • Consulting on improving conversion rates
  • Analytics service provider for marketing analytics requirements


  • 12.50% reduction in the overall loan application process
  • 6.75% improvement in conversion rates
  • Increased campaign effectiveness


  • Scalable solution created that can be used across other lending products
  • Long-term omnichannel strategy blueprint created and agreed upon

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