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Marketing Analytics Services

Using data to power your brand and business growth

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Customized Marketing Analytics Consulting to Power Consistency and Profitability

In today’s connected and competitive marketplace, establishing a brand successfully and growing sales consistently and profitably can be a challenge. As a leading marketing analytics services & solutions company, SGA’s unique combination of marketing expertise generates insights that can enhance brand image and propel sales growth. Our innovative marketing analytics services, such as social media analytics and web analytics, enable you to understand market dynamics, identify new opportunities, and create an effective data-driven marketing strategy. 

Foster Growth With a Leading Marketing Analytics Solutions Company  

As one of the leading marketing analytics consulting firms, our consultants will help you capitalize and expand into new markets seamlessly. As an established marketing analytics firm, we make it simple for businesses to optimize new product launches and go-to-market strategies, comprehend the competitive landscape and improve salesforce performance. 

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What We Offer

Through our marketing analytics consulting services, we enable our clients to apply ML-driven algorithms to help define optimal offline & online marketing plans and, target the right customers for your brand, and measure ROI.

  • Marketing ROI: Analyze the return on investment of marketing spend for more efficient resource allocation
  • Market segmentation: Use rigorous customer segmentation techniques and targeting tools for better brand positioning
  • Marketing campaign effectiveness: Use marketing analytics to measure and optimize campaigns to target the right customers and maximize returns

Our Social Media Listening and Monitoring solutions not only process the gargantuan data generated at lightning speeds but also help gain the right signals from all the noise. We help you identify the right trends for your brand to piggyback on for maximum gains.

  • Capture social media data: Identify and extract relevant social media data for business insights
  • Sentiment analysis: Gauge consumer satisfaction and sentiment to improve products or services
  • Social media analytics: Analyze social media conversations and generate consumer insights using tools and techniques such as natural language processing and text mining

Our solutions help you derive the maximum bang for your marketing buck through optimal spend allocations across the most effective marketing channels. If you are online, we specialize in building the right models and strategies that will convert visitors to paying customers.

  • Market mix modeling: Optimize spending and estimate the impact of various marketing tactics through multi-channel market mix models
  • Conversion modeling: Build models to identify and convert site visitors into paying customers and improve conversion rates
  • Comparative marketing analytics: Perform comparative analyses of different marketing channels and optimize your marketing budgets


Better Positioning

Enhance brand positioning with targeting tools and precise customer segmentation techniques

Sentiment Analysis

Assess consumer satisfaction and sentiment for improving products or services

Improved Conversions

Improve conversion rates by converting website visitors into paying customers through conversion models

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