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Even the best products and services need to be sold efficiently and effectively. Our sales analytics services such as Salesforce analytics, sales performance analysis, and sales forecasting help you devise strategies to enhance your sales team’s performance. SG Analytics works with clients to visualize and track all sales activities that lead up to conversions.

Why SGA ?


Territory and Salesforce Optimization

  • Salesforce support: Leverage Salesforce to maximize your sales team’s potential. Adjust efforts and resource allocation based on Salesforce analytics.
  • Territory management: Use data to maximize territory management tactics, while ensuring that teams are deployed efficiently across various geographies
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Sales Forecasting

  • Forecasts: Generate accurate and insightful forecasts for a range of time horizons based on existing sales data analysis, industry analysis, and economic trends
  • Adjusted sales forecasting: Revise forecasts regularly based on latest developments in the market and equip management teams to enhance performance measurement
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Incentive Planning

  • Incentive structuring: Data-based incentives models that reward the best performing sales team members while promoting team work at the same time
  • Quantitative tracking: Quantitative performance benchmarking that allows data-based incentive models to be applied easily and fairly
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Performance Tracking

  • Sales Performance Analysis: Create dashboards that track and manage the performance of the sales team across sectors and geographies
  • Quantify performance: Link performance appraisals to quantitative metrics, while ensuring that team morale and motivation is maintained at high levels
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