What’s now and next in Immuno-Oncology?

Immuno- Oncology is a unique therapy in the precision medicine space that is showing extraordinary promise in combating Cancer. These next-generation therapeutic drugs differ from conventional methods as they stimulate the immune system to selectively attack cancer cells while ensuring healthy cells remain unaffected. Cancer cells adapt to express proteins that let them hide from the normal anti-tumor immune response.

The objective of Immuno-Oncology is to interrupt this process of spreading cancer cells and revitalize the immune system to detect and destroy malignancies. Such therapies have shown great promise in several clinical trials, contributing to the widespread adoption across the pharmaceuticals and life sciences industry.

This report describes in more detail how the Immuno-Oncology market evolved and the current market scenario. It also answers the following questions:

  • What key drivers are leading to the successful development of therapies?
  • Who are key industry players and what are their initiatives?
  • How can pharmaceutical companies leverage innovative technology to counter major challenges?

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