The Race to Conquer COVID-19: a Sentiment Analysis

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented devastation. Even over a year after WHO’s announcement, we are still reeling from the pandemic’s effects – and might continue to, for an indefinite time.

However, 2020 also saw extraordinary strides in science.

  • In less than a year, we sequenced the virus’ genome, developed the world’s first mRNA vaccines, conducted randomized trials, received approval, and released the vaccines into the market.
  • And yet, the question remains; have we made strides in our attitude toward vaccines? Vaccines have always been surrounded by fear and hostility. The question is, does the fear of death weigh more in the public consciousness?

To find out, SG Analytics conducted a dipstick study in June, exploring the doubts and dispositions driving the vaccine market.

The insights are beyond fascinating. Download our whitepaper to know more.


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