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FIFA World Cup 2022 – A Crescendo of Controversies, Outflow, and Class performances

The 2022 World Cup was nothing short of controversies, enormous spending, and high-level, spectacular performances, not to...

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FIFA 2022 gets more Inclusive, Interactive, and Accurate

After reeling from the shock of the pandemic for two years, enterprises in 2022 are looking to automate, outsource, and...

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FIFA 2022 World Cup Qatar: Why is the Event Still Mired in Controversy

The selection of Qatar as the host county for the 2022 FIFA World Cup brought many cheers to the streets of Doha in celebrating...

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How is Cutting-edge Technology Transforming the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 Experience

The ongoing 2022 tech-driven FIFA World Cup in Qatar is backed by top innovations ranging from AI offside detection to assistance...

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2022 FIFA World Cup Controversy: Should Migrant Workers be Given Compensation?

Ever since FIFA announced in December of 2010, the football world has remained confused as to why they would be an appropriate...

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2022 FIFA World Cup: Who will Win the Golden Boot?

With the 2022 FIFA world cup approaching quickly, there is much speculation as to who will be most successful over the course of...

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