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Minimizing Financial Risk With Corporate Governance

The world is changing, and more often than not, it...

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Could ‘Stablecoin’ Save the Future of Digital Currency?

According to Google Trends, in the previous year, the word ‘crypto’ was searched and used more than the word...

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72 Increase in Apps Usage The Fintech Comeback

Fintech, an abbreviation for financial technology, essentially comprises companies that use technology to make financial...

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Who Are Investment Bankers and What Do They Do?

Most of us have wondered several times, who are investment bankers and what they actually...

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“Grexit” Fears Subside but Could “Brexit” Portend an Apocalypse?

Grexit concerns abate, Brexit remains the key focus In the quaint summer of 2015, Europe, particularly Greece, was...

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On Brexit

These days, as a German or rather a European, when I hear the acronym the UK, I automatically associate it with another word...

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