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Edge Computing Is Not the Next Big Thing and We Should Know Better

Buzzwords. Now and then, we see or hear one pop up here and there. Investors hail it to be the next big thing. Vendors...

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The 7 Biggest Technology Trends in 2022

The year 2020 has shown how far we have come as a civilization.   Over the years, we have managed to take...

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What Is Text Analytics? Tools, Examples, and Applications

With the advent of emergent technologies, businesses are having to hustle to sustain momentum. While it may seem a little...

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Top 3 Pain Points of CMOs of Apparel, Fashion & Footwear Brands in India

Familiarity does not breed contempt. It instead inspires more forthcoming conversations. Some of which I had been lately...

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From Abundance to Targeting – Data Analytics in Media and Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry had to read the tea leaves (TV ratings, blockbuster charts, etc) to arrive at their...

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