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Tech-Related Ethical Concerns Businesses Should Address in 2022

Modern tech-driven tools like artificial intelligence...

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Humans & Robots Coworking; Rise in Automation; Is this the Smart Future of Work?

The rise of robots/ automation is gaining speed in the post-pandemic world. While a lot of data has been documented about the...

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Building a Robust ESG Reporting Framework With Intelligent Automation

Behind the decision to embrace digital transformation is mostly the motivation to attain business process efficiency and...

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10 Ways the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Changed the World Forever

The year 2020 was full of unforeseen, unpleasant events for mankind. Arguably the worst pandemic that the world...

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57% Companies Use Automation in Multiple Business Functions – Digital Transformation Trends 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. No one knew where the year 2020...

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What Is Automated Trading – It’s Functioning, Pros & Cons

As technology evolves progressively, its dominance in our lives has led...

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Is Digitization Just a Myth or the Real Game Changer?

Industries are increasingly navigating through a digitized landscape, thus prompting business operations to be in a state...

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Is the Manufacturing Sector Robot Ready?

Welcome to the era of robotics in manufacturing. The current shockwave of technological transformation has again...

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