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Comprehensive high-quality research and analytical support on all the aspects of deal making for a seamless deal execution experience

 Investment Banking Outsourcing & Corporate Finance Support

As a part of our investment banking services, we provide deal origination and transaction support that integrate with the client’s strategy across the value chain of activities. Additionally, we provide BIS/ library services, graphics support, analytics support and sector experts which allows us to offer a comprehensive suite of skill sets to our clients. We work with 70+ boutique and mid-market IB firms globally, many of whom rank at the top of the deal league tables. We have rich experience of servicing sole entrepreneurs to bulge-bracket banks across the deal cycle by leveraging industry best practices and technology tools. Our well defined yet flexible processes and high-quality service allow us to exceed client expectations every time. 

Why SGA ?

Sector Specialization

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

  • Investment banking and corporate finance support across the M&A deal life cycle including origination, marketing, due diligence and business development support
  • Origination support covering target/ buyer screening, trading comps, precedent transactions, company profiles, market mapping, sector research, financial modelling, and valuation
  • Marketing support including pitchbooks, confidential information memorandums (CIMs), teasers, competitive landscapes, and case studies
  • Due diligence support covering financial and industry due diligence, fairness opinions, draft term sheets preparation, and CRM and data room management
  • Business development initiatives including preparing thought leadership material, thematic research, market intelligence notes, blogs, newsletters and M&A reports
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Equity Capital Markets (ECM)

  • End-to-end ECM services ranging from private placements, Initial Public Offerings (IPO), and Follow-on Public Offerings (FPO)
  • Qualitative tasks including ECM overview / newsletters, economic calendars, investor analysis & profiles, investor feedback presentations, and end of quarter / year IPO market overview reports
  • Quantitative tasks covering block trade activity, IPO comps, and primary & secondary market analysis
  • Higher value-added tasks such as dividend vs buyback analysis, cross holding analysis, capital structure analysis and IPO valuation analysis
  • Market intelligence support such as tracking new deals, market and sector deal trends, daily / weekly trading reports, and maintaining database for historical/pipeline IPOs, in addition to investment banking outsourcing support
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Debt Capital Markets (DCM)

  • End-to-end DCM services ranging from execution support and market intelligence to pitch decks across various funding opportunities
  • Quantitative support including credit positioning, new bonds issuances analysis, covenant analysis / monitoring, and credit, leverage and liquidity ratio analysis
  • Complex valuation and modelling support including stress testing, cash flows modelling (ABS, RMBS, CMBS), debt structuring, and headroom analysis
  • Qualitative support including credit memos, ratings analysis, peer analysis, prospectus / OC writing support, financial disclosures, indenture screening & overviews, annual credit reports/ quarterly watch lists, and deal overviews
  • Market intelligence support such as maintaining deal and comp databases, analysis of new regulations and its impact and periodic newsletters, in addition to investment banking outsourcing support
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Valuation Support

  • Significant experience in supporting independent valuators, investment banks and private equity firms across financial reporting, tax compliance, transaction related and litigation related valuations
  • Financial reports including fair value analysis, purchase price allocation (PPAs), impairment testing, and accounting for stock option expenses
  • Transaction-related valuation support covering corporate restructuring, VC financing, bankruptcy proceedings, and purchase or sale of a company/asset
  • Tax compliance support covering IRC 409A/ ESOP valuation and valuation of interests in closely held businesses or other securities for estate planning and gift tax
  • Litigation-relation valuation support including valuation advice, damage claims, and profit claims
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Business Information Services (BIS)

  • Manage BIS and library teams for several of our investment banking clients, drawing on our deep expertise of various databases to deliver high-quality insights
  • Company, sector, and macro-specific data requests across complexity levels
  • Company data including revenue and profit metrics, filings, profiles, transcripts, presentations, PIBs, ownership information, consensus estimates, and management profiles
  • Research reports with specific information such as market size, market potential, key players, regulatory impact, revenue and cost drivers, demand and supply dynamics, and technological innovations
  • Performance data across markets, asset classes, and geographies
  • Access custom news run, deal intelligence, capital market-specific data, league tables, in-depth research on indices, foreign exchange and capital markets with bespoke investment banking and corporate finance support

Presentations and Graphics support (DTP)

  • End-to-end integration of our presentation services with our Investment banking clients
  • Presentation support including formatting and upgrading pitchbooks, converting ideas into slides, and creating bespoke slides / charts / graphs / layouts
  • Design and layout support including designing of factsheets, CIMs, teasers, management presentations, marketing flyers, client reports, brochures, white papers, push e-mails, and news digests
  • Automation and conversion support including automatically update presentations as underlying data is updated, converting data in MS-Excel files into charts and slides, replicating non-editable PDF’s / PPT’s into slides, and converting hand drawings into slides
  • Our team continuously keeps pace with new presentation software and related tools allowing us to exceed client expectations by offering newer and efficient ways of rendering presentation support

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