Research & Analytics Support for Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is far more data-dependent today than it has ever been. Technologies including GPS, in-car sensors, and automated manufacturing are producing vast volumes of data, that have many stories to tell if analyzed. SG Analytics deploys a broad range of research and analytics-based solutions that help automotive firms enhance their understanding of product usage and consumer preferences, and make manufacturing processes more efficient.

Who We Work With

  • Marketing & Sales Groups

    We enable higher conversion rates and superior consumer experience.

  • Customer Service & Aftermarket

    We optimize customer touchpoints.

  • Digital & IOT Groups

    We deploy next generation data analytics.

  • Supply Chain Groups

    We form the Kaizen of the automotive supply chain.

Digital Analytics

  • Customer assessment: Gauge customer satisfaction and sentiment and initiate prompt remediation measures
  • Social media analysis: Analyze social media conversations to generate consumer insights
  • Web analytics: Ensure online presence is maximized via tools including SEO and keyword analysis
  • Text analytics: Deploy tools including Natural Language Processing and text mining for sentiment, emotion, and topic scans
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Consumer Sciences

  • CLTV modeling: Quantify revenue that prospects can generate over time
  • Hear the voice of your customers: Generate insights based on experiences shared by customers on your brand, vehicles, and service quality
  • Behavior analytics: Analyze customer behavior patterns to deliver a hyper-personalized experience
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CRM Optimization

  • Understand sales force composition by territory, product segment, specialty segment
  • Effectively manage internal sales resources by optimizing costs and profits
  • Identify key problem areas, provide robust solutions and recommendations
  • Create tools and dashboards to monitor the sales team
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  • Segmentation: Launch targeted campaigns that are based on deep understanding of customer groups and their preferences
  • Prevent churn: Identify reasons that lead to customer churn. Identify customers likely to churn out due to quality or service issues or who might simply be attracted by competitor offerings.
  • Loyalty: Understand factors that establish brand connect and build on these factors to create loyalty programs that promote long-term customer retention
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Manufacturing and Supply Chain

  • Service parts optimization: Reduce stock-outs and overages via accurate demand forecasting for parts
  • Predictive maintenance: Use vehicle data to anticipate repair needs and reduce unplanned maintenance
  • Warranty claims analytics: Upfront identify product-related issues and implement remediation measures
  • Suspect claims detection - Reduce your service costs by automating the claims review process. Leverage our analytics solutions to identify data entry errors and any non-compliant activity.
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Business Intelligence

  • Studies to identify new markets, technologies, distribution networks, potential partners, and marketing channels
  • Study and analyze the market reach (penetration rate and share) for products and pursue the most appropriate strategy
  • Competitive intelligence on market share, product offerings, areas of expertise, nature of business, and mergers and acquisitions
  • Identify and pre-qualify target organizations with the appropriate technical match and an interest in collaboration
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Market Sizing and Forecasting

  • Market assessment to understand market size, growth, key trends, and competitive forces
  • Competitive assessment on R&D strategy, product pipeline, technology roadmap, and product life-cycle management
  • Prelaunch assessment to understand pricing and brand perception
  • Target customer-based market forecasts for new and existing products/models in order to understand market potential
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Primary Research

  • Acquire market intelligence via specialized primary research
  • Perform qualitative and quantitative research via interviews, community studies, and trend analysis
  • Validate primary intelligence with exhaustive secondary desk research data
  • Analyze market intelligence data to develop a robust solution and key messaging
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