The auto industry is far more data-dependent today than it has ever been. Technologies including GPS, in-car sensors, and automated manufacturing are producing vast volumes of data, that have many stories to tell if analyzed. SG Analytics deploys a broad range of automotive market research and automotive analytics-based solutions that help firms in the auto sector to enhance their understanding of product usage and consumer preferences,  and make manufacturing processes more efficient. 


Leverage SG Analytics’ automobile industry analysis and investment research services to learn about your new entrants, suppliers, buyers, substitutes, and competitors of the market to make smart investments and create significant strategies to accelerate returns on revenue. Our automobile industry analysis covers car industry analysis and electric car industry analysis to get a clear picture of the growing demands, opportunities, policy support, and rising investments across geographies. 

As a futuristic automotive market research company, SG Analytics provides predictive analytics and competitive analysis in the automotive industry to help companies identify valuable customers by mapping their purchase behavior and overcome marketing challenges effortlessly. 

Who We Work With

  • Marketing & Sales Groups

    We enable higher conversion rates and superior consumer experience.

  • Customer Service & Aftermarket

    We optimize customer touchpoints.

  • Digital & IOT Groups

    We deploy next generation data analytics.

  • Supply Chain Groups

    We form the Kaizen of the automotive supply chain.

Digital Analytics

Digitization strategy services company | SG Analytics
  • Customer assessment: Gauge customer satisfaction and sentiment and initiate prompt remediation measures
  • Social media analysis: Analyze social media conversations to generate consumer insights
  • Web analytics: Ensure online presence is maximized via tools including SEO and keyword analysis
  • Text analytics: Deploy tools including Natural Language Processing and text mining for sentiment, emotion, and topic scans
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Consumer Sciences

Consumer sciences for platforms and apps | SG Analytics
  • CLTV modeling: Quantify revenue that prospects can generate over time
  • Hear the voice of your customers: Automotive market research to generate insights based on experiences shared by customers on your brand, vehicles, and service quality
  • Behavior analytics: Analyze customer behavior patterns to deliver a hyper-personalized experience
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CRM Optimization

Sales force optimization services | SG Analytics
  • Understand sales force composition by territory, product segment, specialty segment
  • Effectively manage internal sales resources by optimizing costs and profits
  • Automotive analytics to identify key problem areas, provide robust solutions and recommendations
  • Create tools and dashboards to monitor the sales team
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Market intelligence services company | SG Analytics
  • Segmentation: Launch targeted campaigns that are based on deep understanding of customer groups and their preferences gahthered through auto industry analysis
  • Prevent churn: Identify reasons that lead to customer churn. Identify customers likely to churn out due to quality or service issues or who might simply be attracted by competitor offerings.
  • Loyalty: Automotive market research to understand factors that establish brand connect and build on these factors to create loyalty programs that promote long-term customer retention
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Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Operations and Supply Chain - Analytics
  • Service parts optimization: Reduce stock-outs and overages via accurate demand forecasting for parts
  • Predictive maintenance: Use vehicle data to anticipate repair needs and reduce unplanned maintenance
  • Warranty claims analytics: Upfront identify product-related issues and implement remediation measures
  • Suspect claims detection - Reduce your service costs by automating the claims review process. Leverage our analytics solutions to identify data entry errors and any non-compliant activity.
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Business Intelligence

Competitive intelligence research and analytics company | SG Analytics
  • Studies to identify new markets, technologies, distribution networks, potential partners, and marketing channels
  • Study and analyze the market reach (penetration rate and share) for products and pursue the most appropriate strategy
  • Competitive intelligence on market share, product offerings, areas of expertise, nature of business, and mergers and acquisitions
  • Identify and pre-qualify target organizations with the appropriate technical match and an interest in collaboration
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Market Sizing and Forecasting

Business opportunity assessment research | SG Analytics
  • Automotive market research to understand market size, growth, key trends, and competitive forces
  • Competitive assessment on R&D strategy, product pipeline, technology roadmap, and product life-cycle management
  • Prelaunch assessment to understand pricing and brand perception
  • Target customer-based market forecasts for new and existing products/models in order to understand market potential
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Primary Research

  • Acquire market intelligence via specialized primary research
  • Perform qualitative and quantitative research via interviews, community studies, and trend analysis
  • Validate primary intelligence with exhaustive secondary desk research data
  • Analyze market intelligence data to develop a robust solution and key messaging
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