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Unveil insights that change and drive your business operations through large-scale data science capabilities and accelerate impressive growth

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Why leverage our data science consulting services & solutions?

Data science and machine learning are profoundly impacting businesses and are rapidly becoming critical for differentiation, and sometimes, survival. Businesses will continue to adapt to the latest competitive strategies to stay ahead of the curve every day. The two most striking features of this transition are increased automation of data processes and delivery of instantaneous analytics solutions. SGA’s data science consulting services help you frame complex business problems as machine learning or operations research problems to unveil better data science solutions. Latest data technologies are being used to solve business problems for a strategic advantage.

data science consulting services

What We Offer

We help our clients drive digital transformation through automated learning and predictive data analytics services. Predictive analytics empowers you to become proactive, forward-looking, and predict outcomes and behaviors based upon data.

  • Model building: Combining complex statistical models, data mining techniques, and sophisticated machine learning tools, we run advanced and predictive analytics to recognize patterns and predict outcomes
  • Choice of the models: We are always looking for new ways to improve our predictions and get the most actionable results
  • Customizable solutions: Our solutions are tailored to fit in with customers’ specific demands and the nature of their data
  • Scalable results: Our predictive analytics consulting solutions will help to operationalize and grow your business constantly

SG Analytics – one of the leading data science service providers, develops custom solutions based on proprietary or open-source algorithms/frameworks that process data and run sophisticated algorithms on cloud and edge.

  • Machine learning services: Build, train, validate, optimize, deploy, and test machine learning models using the latest tools and technologies
  • Experience: Supervised/semi-supervised/unsupervised machine learning on structured and unstructured data
  • ML deployment: Model deployment and performance testing with tools such as TensorBoard, What-If, ML Perf, TensorFlow Playground, etc.
  • ML as a service (MLaaS): Amazon ML and Amazon SageMaker
  • Development: Model building, training, optimization, and validation using frameworks such as TensorFlow, SparkML, OpenCV, and languages such as Python

As one of the leading data science consulting firms, we leverage innovative tools and techniques to provide companies with intelligent forecasting techniques to drive digital transformation into their organization.

  • Our intelligent forecasting services help companies in adopting a definite course of action and a set purpose to foster growth throughout the organization
  • With knowledge‐based techniques, decision‐support, and accuracy, we help you reinvent planning to gain a competitive advantage
  • With a logical basis for planning and determining in advance the nature of future business operations, our intelligent forecasting services facilitate correct managerial decisions about the material, personnel, sales, and other requirements
  • Improve accuracy and confidence in budgets and forecasts and identify the true drivers of business value, both internal and external
  • Leverage predictive modeling and external signals and link decision-making with profitability and set data-driven financial targets

Identifying values hidden in the text: With our data science solutions, you can discover and extract meaningful information from emails, online reviews, tweets, survey results, notes from feedback forums, and other types of written feedback to generate insights into your customers and what they feel about your products or services.

  • Gain consumer insights: Our text analytics services help organizations unlock the meaning behind the text, uncover patterns and themes, and enable them to understand their customers’ perceptions, their wants, and needs
  • Content enrichment: With our text analytics techniques, companies can enhance content with a scalable layer to tag, organize, and summarize the available content to make it easily reach the targeted audience
  • Text analytics services: Sentiment analysis, document classification, entity extraction, themes discovery, and text classification
  • Combine the power of Artificial Intelligence through NLP and NLG: Build an engine that can collect and understand hundreds of textual data records and generate easy-to-understand written summaries of the data with our data science consulting services

Mathematical optimization, most often referred to as prescriptive analytics, is a very powerful technology to resolve complex business problems and planning puzzles. Optimization is the mathematical process of finding the best decision (usually the highest profit or lowest cost) for a given business problem within a defined set of constraints.

  • Take known and unknown (forecasts or predictions) input variables, including defined constraints and objectives, and use optimization solvers and algorithms to find the best solutions (that maximize or minimize) the objective while honoring the business constraints
  • With ‘what if’ simulators, comparative scenario analysis is undertaken to identify which of the possible solutions provide the best overall results from a list of many possible solutions
  • Resource optimization enables the use of resources (people, raw material, equipment, financial) needed to produce a product or service at an optimal level to improve operations
  • Start by enhancing your existing optimization models with ML, potentially as one new input that helps your optimal model derive the best plan
  • Improve the estimates by taking into account machine learning-driven probabilities and predictions, which will help you devise a new plan and withstand change



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