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Business Intelligence Services & Reporting

Our business intelligence services and solutions enable us to connect multidimensional datasets into a single view across the enterprise for further interpretations in the organization.

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Comprehensive Business Intelligence Analytics Solutions for Consistent Growth

In today’s highly competitive business world, quick actions are essential for faster actions. As the human brain is known to process images faster than texts, our business intelligence services are designed to help business professionals quickly understand the hidden message behind and between the data points via captivating and interactive visualizations. As a business intelligence consulting service provider, we at SG Analytics develop high-performance operational, real-time, and strategic dashboards enabling our clients to design business strategies based on the insights generated.  

Leveraging Business Intelligence and Analytics to Identify Gaps and Opportunities 

We have the right set of people and technology to collect information from multiple sources, perform exploratory analysis, and offer insights in the form of interactive and compelling stories by using our domain expertise. SGA's business intelligence analytics solutions help unveil unidentified patterns in the data with all-inclusive reports, enabling you to focus on the weaknesses. 

business intelligence services solutions

What We Offer

  • We re-index and reformat data to analyze it better.
  • We provide recommendations on the next steps for the decision-makers to improve the processes.
  • Univariate, multivariate, graphical, and non-graphical are some of the robust analyses that we conduct to help our clients become more conversant with their data.
  • At times, statistics or figures are not enough to convey insights to the end users. SGA's data visualization team helps them to understand, compare, and track insights through simple and intuitive graphs like charts, plots, infographics, and animations.
  • We help our clients with dashboard visualization with a variety of tools from the market, like Tableau, Power BI, Google Data Studio, Looker, and Grafana. 
  • Our goal is to set up self-service for every domain in the organization so that the data can fuel each business process to boost growth.
  • We help our clients to minimize risk, reduce costs, understand customer behavior, and improve the company’s financial health by aiding them with the current trends and changes.
  • We help with live data analytics, where stakeholders/executives can access the report as needed, focusing on the statistics, trends, and numbers as they change in real time. 


Actionable Insights

Design and implement actionable dashboards that provide a birds eye view for the executives and make it accessible on mobile devices on the go.

Customer-Centric Performance Dashboards

We design data pipelines to drive business decisions through our user-centric performance dashboards.

Value-Added Insights

We provide value-added insights that help our clients further enhance data adoption by their organization.

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