UX personalization through Google Analytics and A/B testing tool


A large internet service provider

Business objective

  • The client discovered that an expanding share of its revenue was coming from people purchasing broadband plans and WiFi devices, but its conversion rate on mobile site lagged far behind the desktop website.
  • The need was for a solution that would enable them to run A/B tests across their entire desktop and mobile sites with minimal support from its developers and very less involvement of the web designing team which was already over-occupied.
  • The client wanted to test run their own hypothesis related to UI and were also looking to get more insights from their existing data-set.

Benefits & outcomes of our engagement

  • Content and CTA changes resulted in multi-fold increase in sales volume (e.g. change in displaying annual financing option to monthly increased the conversions by 55%)
  • Zero-developer dependency helped speed-up the entire experimentation cycle
  • Multiple page variants developed keeping a single variable in consideration reduced the effort of entire web page redesigning by almost 80%

SGA approach

SG Analytics helped the client by setting-up the A/B test process to evaluate various hypothesis towards conversion optimization. We further assisted the team to adopt the culture of test and continuous improvement.
  • We started with evaluation of existing data-set to identify the pain points for visitors on mobile devices and form our own hypothesis.
  • Next, we set-up the Google optimize as the A/B testing tool of choice and coupled it with Google Analytics to facilitate better analysis of data.
  • Visual editor from Optimize allowed the SGA team to work with UX and product teams on client's end and start experimenting with different changes for a pre-defined time period per test. This was done without much developer support.
  • Under a planned course of action our team followed the below steps:

  1. Reduced the size of image for bestseller plan on the homepage to allow availability of more plan options in above the fold content.
  2. Replaced generic message on the checkout page with a specific call-to-action message.
  3. Displayed quarterly discounted price for data plan with device combo, instead of only monthly price.